7 Interesting Things We Found in Our Abandoned House

Updated : Oct 24, 2019 in Articles

7 Interesting Things We Found in Our Abandoned House

During the cleanup we’ve come across
many things some useful, some not so useful, like a lot of umbrellas, sake
bottles, lighters, about 15 TVs, more bottles, wheels, rice planting trays,
did I mention bottles? There’s also been useful things like money, tools including
this old set of wooden mallets. In this video I’ll highlight 7 of the more
interesting things we’ve found. First up is photos of the house just after was
built around 30 years ago. The house is made of Douglas Fir wood. You can see how
the color has naturally transformed to a browny-grey over the years. It was sometimes a little sad going
through all possessions that the owners have left behind,
particularly when we found a lot of things belonging to children, like toys,
magazines, and school books like this one. This is a junior high school English
notebook. Looks like a lot of class was spent
dreaming about other things. This small Shinto altar is called a
kamidana. Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan that worships numerous
kami – spirits and gods. This small circular mirror is the shintai, which houses the
kami, giving it a physical form. The two red dolls on either side of the kamidana
are daruma, which symbolise perseverance and good luck. Covering all
bases, next we have the butsudan. A butsudan is a Buddhist shrine used for
paying respects to family members who have died. It’s quite common to see these
in Japanese homes, particularly in rural areas. Photos of ancestors are placed
above the butsudan. Inside, people light incense sticks and place other artefacts. This one is not so much interesting but
a little disgusting. It’s a stuffed pheasant that hasn’t aged well. I found
it in one of the sheds. Pachinko is a kind of Japanese arcade
slot machine game. If you’ve been to Japan you will have seen huge pachinko
parlors – they’re hard to miss. Although it is gambling apparently
there’s a bit of skill involved in launching the ball into the machine
where, if you score a jackpot, you win extra balls to exchange for
money or prizes. This one was probably used to practice or to pass time. I tried
plugging it in but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Last but not least this is a wooden rice
thresher for separating the rice from the chaff.
One of our neighbours explained to me how it worked. So they put the rice in here
and turn this wheel which would then remove the chaff. They would hold a fan to blow the
chaff way and then the brown rice would come out from here. I think that was a caterpillar
on my back. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed
that. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. I have another video coming
up soon.


  • That was beautiful! I would never have thought to make that video, but it was so worth it! That English exercise book was incredible.

  • If the farmer had children, I wonder where they are now?
    Judging from the state of the house, he must've died alone. It's just sad. 😒
    But thanks for making the video. As always, keep us updated your progress. πŸ˜‰

  • I wonder why there are so many stuff there, especially so many trash. Probably the owner was too old to take care of the house or take out the trash etc. I am not talking about dust or bugs ofc it was left for too long, i guess for 5 years?

  • It reminds me a bit of those shows about hoarders. My grandpa used to do the same, collect stuff that he thought one day would repair and then it never happened. We took about 6 tonnes of useless items after he passed, so your videos reminds me of that time. For me it really opens a window to the past and I find it very entertaining. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lol some really interesting finds. Namely the pachinko machine, if it can't be fixed you could throw some rgb strips in back to make a really cool night/mood light. And that English notebook looks a lot like my school notebooks. πŸ˜‚

  • Seven things interesting? I would imagine in that place you could make 10 videos day and still not cover all that is interesting in there. Great job. Keep up the hard work.

  • Gday mate, thanks for these videos, interesting I look forward to seeing more updates on this project, good luck mate

  • Hi that was fascinating. I would be tempted to get rid of the Bhutsudan although beautiful might hold too much spirit energy. Please keep us updated with all of the other goodies you find.

  • I wonder what happened to that kid, where they are now. Whether they became a character designer at Square Enix πŸ™‚ Thanks for the video

  • I assume the notebook drawings are from 90s style anime, like Yu Yu Hakusho… if so, then perhaps the farmer's child/children are already in their 30s, around the same time the house was built. The notebook says he (the drawings are definitely done by a boy) was 13 then. The style of the drawing makes me think that he did not pursue it as a career later in life, since he only does three head angles, with no experiments of expression or movement.

    He probably has a family of his own by now, or perhaps living alone as a salaryman in Tokyo.

  • Good evening. Do you plan on farming, for example, growing rice? What is the size of the land itself?

  • This gets me so excited, please keep updating and documenting your progress. This house is simply beautiful! Makes me want to undertake the same endeavour

  • Last video, that was really enjoyable and hopefully you have the time to put out many more like this. I hope it's going well tooπŸ‘

  • Hey Jaya, Rob and Louisa watching from Melbs; we love seeing your house and all the progress and interesting finds along the way (and your impressive hat collection!) – keep it up! x Louisa + Rob

  • i really enjoyed the videos u posted really love the notebook from the boy(reminded of me when i was younger) i wish u luck in your project to make it a home and lots of love from america

  • It's so sad to see these notebook that are abandoned and left behind. I would personally seek out who own these books and return it to them as they can keep a piece of there childhood

  • the pachinko machine is really interesting, check the caps near the PSU and you may find that they have dried out. new caps should be ~$2 each, It may be a quick and cheap fix.

  • Just came across your vids this morning and found them really interesting and informative. I can see you have heaps of work ahead but I can see you will do the old house justice. Your living a dream of mine. Being a tired mechanic on the wrong side of 50 I watch you and your dream come true. Keep up the great work. Ohh !! And don't hesitate to let me know if you need a live in labourer.😁😁😎🦘🐨

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