5 Strange Fake and Abandoned Cities

Updated : Oct 22, 2019 in Articles

5 Strange Fake and Abandoned Cities

Number One: Because of the prevalence of war
and violence, as well as the arrogance of the Hollywood scene, it’s no surprise that
there are around 15 fake Afghani villages built in California’s Mojave Desert. They
are even being used to this day. One place in particular, Fort Irwin, is more than just
a training camp, as it houses hundreds of Arabic-speaking people to help train, as well
as numerous amputee actors who help to train soldiers in real life scenarios. But it makes
you wonder: what should Fort Irwin be considered, with its population of around 8000? Is it
more of a community than Mt. Vernon, Indiana, with only around 6000? Number Two: On the outskirts of Ukraine’s
second largest city, named Kharkov, you will find a fake town that is being used as a film
set. The film in question is called Dau, and this fake town is more interesting than you
may think. It is home to the 210,000 cast members, who for years have lived and dressed
the lifestyle that the movie portrays – for over 6 years. Most people compare this set
to the movie Synecdoche, New York, where the director builds a huge fake town within a
warehouse where people play someone else’s character. But it is surprising that these
cast members live this lifestyle everyday, and did so from 2006 to at least 2012. Number Three: The planet Mars is nothing new
to anyone, as it is most likely the best known planet other than our very own Earth. It’s
so widely known since it is a big hub for discussion for life being on other planets,
as well as the idea of colonization by humans. What may come as a shock to you is the little
town called Mars, Utah, where a place called the Mars Desert Research Station is located
and operated. This place is the hub for a collective group of astronauts wanting to
visit the red planet, where they train and perform simulations in hope to one day visit
our galactic neighbor. But it’s not all fun and games, as just like everywhere else, there
is drama between the crew, and they too have to work it out. Number Four: Nestled in the Greenpoint subdivision
of Brooklyn, New York, the people behind the hit HBO show Boardwalk Empire have done something
interesting and full of history. They managed to construct a large 300-foot-long boardwalk
that was designed to replicate that of the old Atlantic City Boardwalk, of which the
show derives its name. Skeptical to shell out the $5 million necessary to fund the project,
HBO discussed the matter with Terence Winter, the shows creator, who said: “I kept thinking
‘we can’t call it ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and not see a Boardwalk'”.
This begs the question: what is to happen to the boardwalk once the series ends? Will
it be forgotten? Or will its memory live on in the hearts and minds of the shows fans,
as well as the history of the town? Only time shall tell. It comes as no surprise that China is home
to some of the most notoriously bad knockoffs of famous products. Whether it be restaurants
or Apple products, China has its own semi-charming way of making stuff its own. But, it does
not stop there, as they have even decided to expand to bigger projects, such as travelling
abroad. Enter Thames Town, in Shanghai, where almost a billion dollars have been invested
in recreating these various French towns, in hopes that people will not have to worry
about cross-country travel. It seems like a good idea on pen and paper, but when you
realize that not many people actually live there, it makes these ghost towns even more
mysterious. Thank you for watching. yet another fantastic
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