5 Life Saving WEDDING HAIR HACKS You MUST Try | #LifeHacks #HairCare #Fun #Anaysa

Updated : Mar 09, 2020 in Articles

5 Life Saving WEDDING HAIR HACKS You MUST Try | #LifeHacks #HairCare #Fun #Anaysa

Are your hair falling??? from where she came!!! yes.. my hair falling do you have problem of dry hair?? hmm… oho.. dandruff do you have dandruff problem?? yes, so what should I do? does your hair tangled?? so these hacks are only for you but what we’re doing in these ethnic wear?? wedding season is here so need to take care of our hair so we’ve shared this video with you on Wedding Hair care hacks also you can style your hair too and lets target for 1,50,000 LIKES this time how much hair massage you do?? it seems like you’re playing Tabla yes my hair are well due to this and look at your hair but why oil?? makes us feel heavy after oiling thats why I use Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Hair Oil let me do your hair massage too oho.. sit down this will reduce dryness from your hair Wow… see I’ve coloured my hair your hair are thin and you’ve coloured your hair you’ll become bald soon look at yourself you too have coloured your hair take it oh..Anku Your hair are falling I am not mad like you who always keep colouring hair I have coloured hair extensions so I use different for different functions so what you mean ?? shouldn’t we colour our hair?? its not like that.. but first make your hair strong enough so let me tell you hacks for this I think you really gone mad Baraat is about to come and you are applying oil in hair I told you in the morning this oil is non-sticky and is light weight so I am using it like a serum you always do everything alone by the way how you know I always say after doing a lot of research you’ll see my beautiful hairstyle ok… come fast wow…. wedding ceremony is just after two days you did hair massage in the morning and now you are applying hair mask how do you get this much of time you can apply this mask even watching TV you know we did hair massage in the morning then I just wrapped this polythene and now I am using this hair dryer this produces steam which allow oil to deeply penetrate into the scalp let do this on you too hold this so first take a polythene I’ve brought coriander in it hmm thats the hack so wrap your hair like this and then secure it using a hair clip oho bend your neck downward and then just use this dryer but what’s this Aloe Vera and Coconut do it takes care of our hair and skin too they make our hair smooth and shiny what are you saying both of these ingredients were present in the oil which I’ve applied in the morning wedding ceremony is over why are you shouting what happened?? I’ve back comb to style my hair now what should I do with these tangled hair why are you laughing?? I too know a hack I too do a bit of research this oils detangled your back combed hair too just take this oil in your palm and apply it on the comp like this now start detangling your hair so detangle your hair this way whenever your hair got tangled so must follow these hacks during wedding season even you can try these hack in all seasons we’ve given the link of products in the description box below which we’ve used so do check out till then…..


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