5 Costly Roth IRA Mistakes


  • Hi Jeff,
    You are a big proponent for Lending Club, and Roth IRas. how about the combined two of a lending club roth ira, it takes 5500 minimum and that would be an entire year contribution at once. What is your opinion on this particular offering?

  • This is why I think I made a good choice going with Charles Schwab. I had an easier time putting my cash into their ETF or mutual fund then anywhere else at next to no cost or fees.

  • Some people, though few, might have all their money, and a lot of it, in a Roth account and I would say then it is OK to have some fixed income like bonds so you aren't pulling from your stock.

  • Great video….my understanding is that mlp's are not a good idea for roth ira because of the tax structure….especially after its generating a $1000 or more….can we get some clarity on that…thank you for all you do.

  • It is not true that you should NEVER have short term bonds in your Roth. Sometimes, especially if an investor has a low risk tolerance or is close to retirement where the Roth is a large percentage of net worth, it is appropriate to add some bonds (short and long term) to "dial down the risk" of the portfolio.

  • You forgot municipal bonds, these should have been first on your list because they are already tax free and should be in a brokerage account.

  • Years ago, my financial advisor sold me annuities in my IRA. the fees chewed up any growth. I now tell my kids, when you hear annuities run like hell. It took me a while to get out. The fees are steep.

  • Is it ok to invest in stocks ? I only have a vanguard equity fund but there is this one growth stock I really like to invest in over time. Should I do it ? Thanks.

  • Hey Jeff, I’m 23 and saving for some real estates. Probably won’t buy until 30. Where should I put my money? A high yield savings account, Roth IRA, or brokerage account through vanguard? I have no clue.

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  • Excellent video Jeff. Do you have a video that is the opposite? Best type of assets to have in Roth IRA? I've been researching and it seems dividend paying stocks, ETF, funds are good because you don't have to pay the marginal tax rate on the dividend. Same goes for bond funds.

  • Good stuff. I’m against annuities period. Whoever puts an annuity in a Roth shouldn’t have money.😉

  • Can you withdrawal any amount annualy in retirement or is it 4 percent of the total. I plan on dying before 80.

  • All I have in my self-directed ROTH right now is cash. Buying Bitcoin on weekly consolidation!

  • kudos with the channel, best wishes. I've got an extremely fundamental question. Why do stock prices go up, especially for stocks that don't pay dividends? Most videos just talk about supply vs demand but that can't be the primary reason. It'd be cool to know the core reasoning as to why there is demand. for example even if I owned 50% of the stocks at Tesla how does that help me if the company does good or bad. I get it it's profitable when I sell it at a higher price but Sorry I am I missing something here since I fail to see the value when you actually own it and if there's no value while owning it why is someone else buying. Are these like super hyped up baseball cards that humanity has gotten sucked into? Sorry for coming across super dumb.

  • Buy an hold mutual funds is the laziest strategies that going forward isnt going to help you as much. Boggle, before he passed, and buffet are both talking about how it's mutuals are not going to pay as much going forward. Hell unless you invested in the Nasdaq during the last 20 years, your returns for the s and p and Dow have been meager.

    They not the worst but doing your homework for some decent investments can go a long way

  • Congress gonna change law to make it taxable 20 top 30 years form now, just a warning. They will need our money.

  • So I made an account for Roth IRA and I can only contribute up to 6k a Year for this specific account? But if I want to play around with stocks or mutual funds then I should make a separate account for stock?

  • Do the research yourself and be educated. Dont trust people. Many who approaches you for money management are sales people selling crap insurance policies

  • All good advice.  Annuities are the worst and for insurance, you should stay with Term Life instead of whole life.  Just do your research as even Term Life has rats as well.   I would slightly argue having cash in a ROTH IRA, if its kept in a Money market and not a savings account and you are using it for quick in and outs of upside opportunities in the stock market.  The ROTH IRA is the only savings vehicle I wish I had started earlier, everything else I can catch up on but your stuck to the limitations of the ROTH IRA….its only weakness.   My personal strategy is 401K Match>ROTH IRA max>mortgage payoff as early as possible>401K max>Savings account (couple years of sustainability when times are tough)>Metals>Brokerage account to play with.

  • If I have my Roth IRA take 100$ out of each paycheck will it not be taxed if I wait to take it out when in 60

  • Been contributing to a Roth 457b aggressively. Vanguard large cap mostly with a small number of other index funds. Not really sure I’m doing correctly but I’ve been seeing 11% annualized returns for 5 years now.

  • Is there a way to contribute more then 6K per year to Roth through backdoor Roth IRA ? How does it work ? Also, I don't understand what's wrong with keeping CDs on your Roth when recession is coming and stock market is about to take a dive.

  • but if you are close to retirement (like me) 2.5% looks a lot better than loosing 25% in the market? Correct?

  • Why is a Roth IRA better than a savings account? Are they not used to just park money? Any benefit of having both? how are they different ? Which one is more beneficial?

  • So, when you're talking about the "imposter" IRA, are you referring to the infinite banking concept that uses whole life insurance policies?

  • Roth IRA is not number one. Its number two. Number one is the often overlooked HSA savings account. Money goes in before taxes usually with a company contribution as well. It come out with no taxes if you withdraw correctly. Even if you never need healthcare, you can withdraw to pay dental bills in retirement and you can reimburse yourself for Medicare premiums taken out of your social security payments. Look into it. Its the only investment that beats the tax man going in and coming out.

  • Can you please explain more about the Roth IRA in a Robo-investor like betterment? Is it good or not ?

  • Roth is only the best investment if you make a certain income level. If you make more than $120k you aren't eligible

  • So this might be a dumb question, but I’m confused on investing in a Roth IRA. Once we invest in a stock like VTSAX, we then contribute say $500/month into the IRA….do we just continue to buy into more stock within VTSAX? Or does the money contributed automatically affect the current stock you had before contributing more money?

  • Here I was literally about to open a roth online thru my bank. Halfway thru the process I decided to educate myself a bit more which just brought me to your video and I am so thankful I watched it! Thanks for the helpful information!!

  • I have a new investment channel and trying to grow it. I think your videos are clear and provide good info to the average person. Good job with the videos and filming. You keep them interesting by changing backgrounds and covering a bunch of info quickly. I agree with your Roth IRA info in this video and never putting in a Penny stock in this type of investment. Anyhow good job.

  • Confused, I that it was taxed before hand but not at retirement so that isn't tax free still taxed. Did I mistaken?

  • Putting some Bitcoin in your self directed ROTH IRA might be the best thing you could ever do. I'm not saying to go all in, but a good diversified self-directed IRA should have at least some Bitcoin in it. Mark my words. I'll see you again in 3-5 years.

  • Great info. At the risk of sounding like a prick I must say the use of the word “exspecially” does make me question a guy’s credibility in most circumstances.

  • Good Stuff Jeff! I love my Roth IRA. I made a video titled exactly that 😜

  • I need a video on this guys dental care habits. They are on point. Actually a great video objectively too👍

  • I have the vanguard short term bond in my Roth IRA. Since I'm still young it only represents a small portion of my overall portfolio for now. But as I get closer to retirement I will begin to contribute more to it as it is less risky than long term bonds and provides stable income. So it entirely depends on your strategy.

  • The reason u choose annuity as Roth IRA is not because accumulation is tax deferred, but the distribution is tax free. Roth IRA is all about the distribution phase

  • No cash? I opened up a Vanguard Roth IRA and have money from my paycheck going to it.. Am I doing something wrong? Is there anything else I should be doing?

  • Every stock from Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Crisper, Etc all started as a penny stock. So telling your viewer they're not going to make money on the pink sheets is ludicrous. Those are ONLY A FEW examples of penny stocks. Even if you buy a penny stock that is literally a penny and it goes up to a $1 that's a million buck if u invested $10k. There's money in penny stocks it take due diligence, putting in time and research. I'm not an expert and frankly don't much stock because it is intimidating and when you have maybe a year worth of living saved is terrifying to lose. However, I'm learn and I've pick a few big winner whether invested or not. I found the secret is vol and market cap, a company that has all it's own financial backing they're not looking for a cash grab ipo to stay a float. In summer 17 I got interested in stocks, I've been studying them and watching them Canopy Grow up huge. I found with no experience Intella Sat July 2017 it was around $3 a share. One year later it was trading at $26. There's money to be made and made well on the otcmks. I'm eyeing a stock right now that has penciled in deals with Playstation, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Tesla, Samsung, just to name a few. It has several billion in capital and has all the financial backing it needs in contracts for yrs to come. Since it's a penny stock I'll let you know how I do. Win or Lose.

  • So, what do you, Jeff Rose, do you suggest to build a solid, successful Roth? Do you have a video explaining this, or do you recommend and books teaching how to properly build a Roth IRA? I have done some research, but I want to make sure I am doing it the best way possible. Thank you for this video!

  • I’m so happy he didn’t say options and futures…I was worried I was doing something wrong when I trade e-mini futures and crude in my IRAs. 🤑

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