33A Adventures | 04 – ‘The “A” is for Abandonment’

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33A Adventures | 04 – ‘The “A” is for Abandonment’

Previously on 33A Adventures. We’re in space, we called for help,
nobody believes our story! Everything we tell about what’s happening to us…
is not supposed to be possible. What the fuck? TP man. TP everywhere! My parents, my friends. Oh fuck, I’ll never be able to see
Renske ever again! Where the hell is my guitar? Paul? Paul? Have you seen my guitar? Dudes?! Doug, dude, you really have to come upstairs! – Paul’s room is-
– Ralph, Ralph. Have you ever tried this? It’s pearjuice. I’ve stolen it from Julian. It’s focking amazing!! Isn’t that the glass we keep the toilet brush in? Come upstairs, seriously, come upstairs! I just needed something in his room and I
open the door and his whole room was completely em… Hey guys. I swear, thirty seconds ago I was here and- Paul wasn’t here. The bookcase wasn’t here. Boe wasn’t here. Panda Bear wasn’t here. – The whole room was empty!
– Yeah, but… Paul is here. So I’m gonna go back to doing that thing I was doing. Ralph? I have to sleep more. Hey Doug. Good morning. Douglas! Yeah?! The kitchen. It’s really fucking clean. Who did this? Enter. Hey, man. – Something wrong?
– Didn’t you used to have a stargazer? Of course, it’s right over- What the fuck?! Oh, by the way, here’s the Nuna6 model. Thanks. Well then, I’m off. Talk to you later. – Alright, ciao.
– Bye. When were we gonna watch Dexter? – Dexter?
– Yeah, Dexter. – Uhh. We’ll have to see.
– Okay… ciao. Yeah, why not? What the fuck is going on now?! Where are you coming from? You probably won’t believe me again,
but there’s really something wrong with your room. Yeah, please let me pass, I have to uh-
go get something. – There really is something going on with your room, dude.
– Like what? – I don’t know, man, every time I open that-
– I have to go to Douglas, I’ll be right back, yeah? Hey Douglas! Paul, heyyy! There is that glass. Yeah, the toilet brush glass, I know. Somehow that always ends up in the kitchen,
I don’t know. Hey, I brought some manga’s for you – These are the last ones from Fullmetal Alchemist.
– Oh, cool! – And some movies you really have to see.
– Ah, yeah. – Yeah.
– Oh, thanks so much. – Good evening.
– Is something wrong? Yeah, I cleaned the kitchen, but- Doesn’t matter, good evening! Good evening- Thanks! Ralph? What the fuck is going on Paul?! – Douglas.
– Julian! You’re bleeding! What’s going on?! I was in my room and my lamp fell on my noggin! There’s something going on and you know more! What are you talking about? I had some books for Douglas and I’ve already
had that Nuna model for weeks and- – What this? Is this for me?
– I brought that for you. It’s a moleskin, I though,
that’s something for Ralph. We’ve been friends for eight years Paul.
I know when you’re lying. And now you’re lying to my face! Say it. I’m not allowed to. Say it! I CAN’T! I can’t, Ralph. I’ve got to go. Paul? What’s going on?! Paul? Paul! Paul? I told you so. Three days later. Julian. Do you hear that? Yeah, I hear it too!
Where’s it coming from? I think it’s coming from upstairs! That doesn’t sound like Ralph-music. Paul? Hey dudes! What’s up? Who are you? Subtitles: Dougurasu


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