3 pieces of misinformation circulating about the Amazon fires

Updated : Aug 31, 2019 in Articles

3 pieces of misinformation circulating about the Amazon fires

-The Amazon is burning. It’s literally burning
right now. -There are also now devastating
fires in Bolivia. -Leaders, celebrities,
and others are in a panic over the burning
Amazon rainforest. -The fires are very serious. There are over 150, 4,000 of them that have been
detected this year. That’s the largest number
since 2010. -As news and imagery
of the Amazon fires continue to make headlines, inaccurate information about the
blaze is also getting attention, starting with what
initially caused the fire. Brazil’s Environmental Minister
Ricardo Salles tweeted that dry weather, wind,
and heat sparked the flames. -There was a lot of suspicion
that these fires are being set by people who want to clear
some of that land for development for soy beans
and cattle crazing. Fires in the Amazon generally
do not start naturally. -Separately, there have also
been conflicting reports on efforts to stop the fire. Brazilian President
Jair Bolsonaro said his country has been successful
in fighting the flames. But the extent of the fire
tells a different story. The number of blazes
in the Amazon states has risen
by more than 75% this year, and the rate at which they’re
scorching the earth has doubled. -That creates a sense
of urgency, and I think that’s one reason why this has caught
so many people’s attention. -That urgency has spread
on social media, but some photos and video are not actually
from this year’s fire. For example, actor Leonardo
DiCaprio and French President Emmanuel
Macron shared this photo. The image has been traced back
to photographer Loren McIntyre who died in 2003. -The fact is that you could
substitute a photograph from this year
for any of those. Here we are years
and years later, and we’re still trying to deal
with the same problem. The Amazon is a huge,
vast sink for carbon storage, and the encroachment
of these fires on the Amazon can only make the job of slowing
climate change more difficult.


  • I understand you the present situation is not good but there is absolutely no doubt that the American economy is in good health and even if the American economy is improving all the time, many problems remain. There is no danger to the economies of the 50 US states, but the real and immediate danger now comes from general environmental degradation following years of neglect, corruption and war. We also have a new threat on the horizon but even more deadly is a new threat called changes in Earth's Axis and orbit made the Arctic summers warmer and will cause many changes in the face of the planet. The water level of the oceans increased dramatically, the Earth was thrown off its axis, and new, devastatingly abnormal, weather patterns were spawned between 2019 and 2020 there is danger of a great flood on the east and west coasts of the United States. There is too much interference from fires in the Brazilian Amazon and the melting of the glaciers in places such as Greenland and Antarctica that's the danger the real danger.

  • Forbes published an article that seemed to put the current hysteria in check on this issue. As this clip said, 2010 was one of the worst recent years for these fires. Apparently 80% of the Amazon in Brazil is federally protected. It's important that stays that way. Farming is important to Brazil's economy, and farmers have legitamte reasons for setting fires. I'd worry more about America's dying forests right now that the Amazon burning. If climate change is not addressed soon, none of this will matter. A mass extinction will result if mankind does not wake up soon.

  • Its funny how Brazil told France to FK off and mind your own business. So much for France's concern for the environment pledging 20 million euros for assistance but not for they're own people who are taxed to death.

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