3 Investing Rules to Control our FEARS of Losing Money in the Stock Market


  • What if… If someone is concerned about what if the stock market crashes, they should just hand their money over to a financial adviser and really learn the histroy of stocks. Nice discussion Jimmy! 👍

  • Fear is a crippling emotion. I like the keep it simple approach. I find myself reaching for yield, that is what I have to get better at.

  • one thing I don't understand about discounted cash flow is how far out you project. you said in this video "over the next few years" but isn't the actual value of the company the amount of $ it will make until you plan on selling it?

  • I've been investing through 2 crashes now — the dot-com and the banking. It is a gut punch when you lose ~50% of your portfolio value, but if you just keep investing in quality it should come back and go much higher (as it did for me and most everyone). I knew a lot of people who sat on the sidelines after the crashes, and some are still there 🙁 I'm significantly more defensive than I was in '08 or '00 as I'm now focused almost completely on dividend growth stocks.

  • The more you study and know, the more secure you will be! That’s why I watch great videos like this from Jimmy!

  • I just started investing…. just to learn these things first hand…. I thought i didn't have those fears but when you use your money all those things will become real
    I consider that I'm here for long term investment and not day to day but still even small drop or gain change my attitude. this is exactly why I started now so when the crash happens I would be more ready and experienced

  • Thanks Jimmy! Would you do a video on the future of oil, and how you calculate the fair value for oil companies? Do you think they will transition to alternative, and why are they so hated right now?

  • Good reminder to focus on the factors that account for most of the variance of our returns. Irrational emotion, in that context, becomes a source of error. Thanks for providing thought-provoking & informative content.

  • I like it keep it simple and invest at discount stock which is a blue-chip company, thanks for this video help out a lot!

  • any idea as to why Nike stock price has been dropping? They had a superb Q1 earnings with strong sales in China despite trade disputes. Since the announcement of new CEO, stock has been going downhill. Help will be greatly appreciated. Maybe I may pick up more shares.

  • Thanks for the video Jimmy. A fear I have is if a stock flies away from the fair value you determined and you can never purchase that company again. I understand that it may come to that determined value at some point because of a crash but that means you maybe waiting on the sidelines for a while if you don't know what other companies to research or have a good feeling about.

  • For me, this is your best video! Both Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet agreed with this rule of “Keep it simple”. Peter Lynch said "If you can’t explain to a 10 year old in 2 minutes or less why you own a stock, you shouldn’t own it.” And Warren Buffet said "You don’t have to be an expert on every company, or even many. You only have to be able to evaluate companies within your circle of competence."

  • Jimmy – very good advice. I've found that the only way to feel comfortable when investing in stocks is to take a long term view. I only buy a stock if I am confident that I will own it for ever. It's a very conservative way of investing but I don't lose any sleep worrying about my portfolio. Also patience is a very good trait when investing.

  • I have to admit that when i want to add to a position or start a new position I look at several YouTube reviews to support my review of the company because a lot of investing channel really do an in depth review of companies and it saves me time to just collect the facts right hear already laid out for me.

  • Jimmy I notice many bloggers leave out an important metric ..when comparing funds ..that is ..what % is qualified dividends…might be important when comparing etf’s when some contain a lot of REITs …thank u for your great content….james

  • Can you please present the structural note product? There are different options about them. The most important is that financial advisors don’t disclose and explain how exactly it is structured and works.

  • Thank you so much Jimmy. I hope you post a video on how to compare between mutual funds and how to pick the right one.

  • Appreciated your valuable video. It’s the best of the best videos. You give the answer for the question embarrassing me a few years. Thank you again. Hundred percent agreed.

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