24 Hour Overnight Challenge in a Mall

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24 Hour Overnight Challenge in a Mall

Okay guys today it’s been super fun, but I was thinking what if I actually lived here? I think we should stay here overnight Lets hide behind here. Okay? Come on We need to find another spot I’m freaking out right now. I don’t know I’m like kind of regretting doing this, but I do it for you guys So make sure to give this a big thumbs up for me putting myself in a awkward and dangerous situations Mia myself in awkward situations with you Yeah, you guys remember Mia. She’s my sister and she’s joining us today for this challenge There’s just a little bit more of a daredevil than me. So I’m excited to have her here. Okay. Are you ready? Usually neither? Yeah, guys, make sure to subscribe because we’re doing this and let me know in the comments anywhere else You want me to attempt same overnight in? Okay, let’s go Guys, we literally have like 20 minutes till closing. I think we should get some toys. I think we need to go to hot topic and get like, pipped out. Mia and I are very… we have different Vibes going for this video. I think we need some toys So when we’re in our hiding spot, we have something to distract us. We need like a darker look I’ve got news. Oh man, this is good. We have twenty minutes to like deal with this So we need to get better and longer Yeah, okay, so you can disguise and I get the entertainment We got this. Okay, go we need like mask or something Flashlight binoculars descise Omg it’s always been a dream of mine to like scooter through a mall we’re doing it omg ahh no ones gonna mess with us we’re crazy cats crazy cats in the mall got the goods found our disguise I’m gonna get chloe one Hello, what time is it anyway we’re bathroom use like Okay, we need to go to the bathroom right now, it’s like a bathroom close Chloe just called come on she’s in the bathroom I literly freaking out Think we might wanna be in diffrent stores There’s been these three corners, I’m scared Yo guys you should probably subscribe Just cuz I’m literally doing this and also comment down below where else you want to see me do a 24-hour Challenge game Yeah, just do it right now. I’m gonna stay here and just wait I can wait all night. I will wait Alright, I’m probably gonna be in here for a few hours. So go ahead comment right now I’m waiting. Alright back to the video. This is what I’m doing You decide I Think work I’m sorry, dude. You have no idea who’s here Never growing up said we’d be on forever You taught me how to love and nothing could be better than you and me you and me baby. It was you and me Dreams are coming through right now. This is amazing! Seriously this is something I imagine doing like when I was a little kid and I never thought I’d be able to do it inspirational moments from Chloe Eminem juries We have to ration we need to eat. I know we’re in survival. Okay, I’m on Piper. What Piper? Kids don’t like How about some chest Und better yeah, I thought we might feel a board. We need to better. I don’t think if you know how to play chess I’m Mary Poppins. Let’s play some frisbee Frisbees and mom, okay Ghulam oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god Okay, guys I need to see you toss a frisbee over the railing Okay, go lock oh My god Guys Shall we do some window shopping? Haha. Yes of any normal shopping so there was some cute stuff in there. Yeah By a1c and it was $100 nah back in my day that was called limited to We’re gonna raise can you say go go? We keep on fighting till the end we Are the champions Of the world of the mall of the mall Dude escalator photo shoot ready What do I do girls So can’t believe I dragged CLIA into this I can’t do a less pink thing in your hair Those are like glitter and blue stuff in here guys. This is awesome. What should we do should play hide and seek? Okay All right. Hey, don’t get lost. We’re in trouble She just go so young let’s go home My scooter I’m gonna go hide let’s do it. Oh My god Nina, stop vlogging and scootering. This is dangerous. Where do I hide yes, okay I gotta hide the scooter too because she’s coming in with me This is literally the perfect hiding spot Okay All right, Chloe’s currently hiding and we’re gonna go in the mall To get oh those wipers Just go scooter ahead. See if you see anything Guys seriously, if you have been given this video alike yet. What are you doing? Okay work. We’re at a mall at night This is insane. This is probably like the craziest video I’ve ever done just chillin subscribe for more crazy like content But seriously, this was so much fun like this was seriously one of my childhood dreams like I would go to the mall and always wonder what would happen if I was like a balloonist like sneak in a store hide in the clothing racks and stay there overnight and Like I’d be able to just like run around the mall or explore the fact that I’m doing it It’s just crazy. Like I just I still can’t get over it. Thanks to you guys And the fact that this is my job and I can do these things. Okay, I’m Okay, like they didn’t even shut the door or anything see oh my gosh, so What is this isn’t actually kind of creepy Where are we this was like no Seriously you guys this is like a closed down Macy’s are at Nordstrom’s or who knows Bloomingdale’s okay, that’s where those Trevor that’s what I can’t shoes used to be I Kind of want to see what’s happening out there. See if I can see that I know where she’s not but that’s what we’re trying to do here because that’s that’s time outside a Hashimoto’s So, how’s your day today? What are you doing tonight? Don’t try this at home or at your local mall Like the lighting in here, okay, where are they? Okay Dude where is she honestly I Wasn’t here We just found this like Chinese this closed down Macy’s wait, yeah thought you were in there So I went all the way in there and then I don’t know it took really cozy. Yeah, it’s like it was Yeah lights are on but you on there this okay, okay, we’re gonna go that’s pretty cool. All right, let’s go Running around the mall for a little bit It’s really late. So I think we’re gonna try to get some the rest We’re gonna like take shifts and stuff and hopefully no one catches luck You guys are lucky I’m gonna have to stay awake right now, but just waking up and looking out I’m like delusional right now, but Khloe and Kalia are sleeping. I’m on watch we’re like taking turns Suns kind of starting to come out Are you guys I’m exhausted we got to get out of here. I have no idea how we’re gonna do that We might have to wait till it’s all actually open. So I’m gonna wake them up and figure this out Let’s hide behind here. Ready? Come on. Okay, we need to find a better spot Okay. Come in. Come in. Okay. Come on. You need to be located I’m getting claustrophobic. Okay, I need to get out Okay, can we leave okay I’m dead. I’m Oh My god, I’m gonna get bagels guys, I’m literally like I’ve seen so much shock that we actually completed that make sure to give this video a thumbs out away with That subscribe because we just did that like we did that for you. It was seeded. It was there were lots of ups and downs definitely is something that I’ve imagined since I was a kid, like what if I got locked in a ball overnight, so imagine that And I’ll see you guys next time We’re gonna go to sleep we’re gonna go get some rest, okay


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