#16 Part 3 – Top 3 Retirement Mistakes To Avoid

Updated : Oct 24, 2019 in Articles

#16 Part 3 – Top 3 Retirement Mistakes To Avoid

Now I have a question from Adrian. Adrian is from Kuantan. He asked what are the mistakes that people make when they plan for their retirement? Today, I want to share the top 3 mistakes that people make when they plan for their retirement. The 1st mistake is that, there’s no proper financial plan. What do I mean by that, you see without a proper financial plan you won’t be able to tell what is the optimal retirement living expenses that you can afford to, whether it’s 5,000 or 6,000. So if you don’t know whether you can afford to spend 5,000 or not, chances are you may over spend, and you may spend 10,000 and then your retirement asset may not last you too long. No 2 situation is that, it could be that you may under spend, then you end up that you are not enjoying quality retirement and they still leave behind a lot asset. The 2nd mistake that people commonly make is that they don’t grow the money optimally when they retire. A lot of them put their money into fixed deposit and that money will be subjected to inflation risk. At 6% interest rate your money will become only half after 12 years. So that is a very important and major risk to retirement asset. The 3rd mistake that people normally make is that they settle all the loan they have including some very reasonable interest rate kind of property loan. So when you settle all the loan and you are retired, you don’t have any income anymore. You can’t get a new loan from bank anymore. So what I would suggest you to do is that you should keep the loan while the interest rate is still rather low and use the money that you have to get better investment return elsewhere. What’s important is to make sure that you have enough cash flow to settle or to pay loan repayment amount. You see, is hard to live without active income when you are retired. It is worse if your retirement asset is not growing optimally. So I would suggest that you don’t stop growing your money with high certainty when you retire okay? Try to grow your retirement asset when you have a better growth in your retirement asset you can enjoy a better lifestyle and guess what, it also will help you to keep your brain active as well.

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  • Hello Mr Yap, TT from Penang. Saw few of your video to invest in Unit Trust. If I can have monthly investment on few unit trust fund. What is your advise in selection & allocation of unit trust Asset Class? Example: 20% on unit trust focus on bond, 30% on unit trust focus on financial commodity;  30% on unit trust consumer commodity, 10% on Technology commodity, 10% on Trading/service commodity?2nd question on Unit trust, what is your advise on invest unit trust fund allocation that focus on Malaysia vs. Asia Pacific vs. Global? 30% Malaysia, 30% Asia Pacific , 40% global or etc?

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