$115,000.00 PROFIT IN $7,000.00 STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit

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$115,000.00 PROFIT IN $7,000.00 STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit

Oh what is that oh man I see something ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages we’ll hear back with one of the last a little bit we are back with one
of the last unboxings in this $7,000 unit this is what we got right here to
work with this is what we have left to do solve princess in the house so yeah
we’re gonna unbox all this stuff right here
salt princess doing a live unboxing got those two boxes there got everything
ready Grimes about the hit town it’s the last video I’m gonna film got right here
the the massive collection it just keeps coming it’s insane
everywhere you look my other storage full of stuff and this stuff right here
I’ll be unboxing with Grimes when he arrived anyway enough to talk
him let’s get started don’t forget the like button share button subscribe and
also subscribe to this beautiful young lady right here to saw princess she’ll
be putting up a video soon with me we’re doing a collab actually of the coin
cashing in from this $7000 storage anyway alright enough talking let’s do
this alright we got a book a docket spiral notepad
we got a ruler this is for measuring things in a Rolodex his box better get
exciting real quick we got not white vintage coca-cola bottle
outdated electrical bar be an antique you know looks like he wanted us forever
yeah yeah gonna become vintage one day oh look at that ladies and gentlemen as
you drive down the road one day this hits your car
it’s not funny girl this type of stuff that happens in license look at this the whole world
this is April well some people believe the world’s fought like this no flat
floor flat earthers they call which one do you believe in Flat Earth or around
her oh I guess the earth is round you guess – no I can’t perfect you know just what do you think we both think that a light bulb
how many life I like light poles you know why how many light bulbs did it
take Thomas Edison to make before he actually got one ring I have no idea I
want to say 10,000 light bulb I want to say it’s around 10,000 who was
my favorite quote in light second favorite quote possible top two favorite
quotes I think comes to he who hustles while he waits are they are the crystal
blue right now you can stop me we’re not did you get a close-up look at this look
at this right here that is the disgusting filth that I’ve been dealing
with on this unit see that’s a rat story right there
don’t let it get you yeah-ha-ha shoes shoes the magical shoes these might be
cool Red Wings yes Red Wings look at those cowboy boots red
wax the other red moon do we got a singular Birkenstock these are vintage remote controls yes
the oldest kind of it’s a good one what do we got here a purse like a
special thing of course Jalisco Mexico I love the listo what’s an ELISA go baby
here yes I don’t know how to answer I got your back hashtag don’t take it personal hashtag a
million dollars in here one it’s not funny
is it wrong that I want to find a million dollars I mean you have to think
it you have to believe it to achieve it I do speaking rapidly
look it’s emitters in Iraq it’s just me which is close not to be underestimated Wranglers those are good genes leave all
these Wranglers Wranglers Wranglers Levi’s Harborough countries they’re not
better consequence Carhartt
what do we got here Wrangler jeans we take silver balls opinion these good
ones are hearts Levi’s little Eve whoo Timberland look at that laundry bag look at this
that is the Park Rangers at hey booboo how about a picnic basket for you about
Yogi Bear you don’t know about no yogi berra girl no Wow
he’s a very famous bear he’s good at uh Park well you know he live at the park
Jellystone as a matter of fact what boo boo little bear no us NPS is that some
type of it’s a Stetson that is nice Churchill these I’m not sure but see
some of these are like I’ve been saying a lot of busy could be made by Native
American they can be made in Mexico but look at that’s horse hair I think I’m
gonna keep it I like them get one thing so it’s kind of cool lanes of gold it’s
not as exciting I thought it was when I first picked it out there was two of
these Dolton I don’t know where I think the other ones buried in that stuff over
there but I think they’re vintage I thought their vengeance drummer seats
but I don’t know there’s two of them made of stainless steel they like on a
tripod for him I want you to observe and show them all the quality of this wood
and everything this piece in the center here look at the wood just the way it’s
me nice wood what if this was like a 40,000
dollar cherished by some rare stool chair maintenance there’s no Wild West
maybe no it’s just so these are cool horn honking Michael Moore jumper cables
from the jumper cables not working right yeah that’s why I like to keep mine
whenever I need one on for a heavy flow day and I’m going to work and keep them
in a jar like this if fairness Oh sound again that make it look big as a big gotta
have fun that’s why I love my job is I gotta have fun there was a dip right
here this is not a toss up well it’s a Fiskars finland with the gerber
legendary blade do with trading company bag hunting camouflage jeans Gilson milk on that’s not bad we think
that’s worth more textile jacket the brand is battle tested almost legit like
being legit that I would wear camouflage the bags are nice what do we got here
Leatherman just keeps coming and coming super tool oh you know dad loves Texas
mm-hmm it’s not about what time it is about which direction is going priceless mm-hmm
it is like we need to tap some out to get lost in the fourth you know that
stuff panting is that a fanny pack though it’s a gigantic shiny pack hello
Jamie all right the first time we found jewelry cool a
whole bunch of those little ones of those inside the rat bait box to a wine
drink in the end of a wine box whole collection sorry guys table grapes will
celebrate with these later she’s a rat turn on them yeah it’s cute he’s special come on baby something right I’m gonna
be a million dollars briefcase full of million dollars heck of gold oh my god
it’s a wood box damn world’s biggest nice hi Lisa those
are probably 30 to 50 today ma’am hey sir somebody said you’re
a very polite young lady of something you to ask you questions
Alton sir yeah there was a good one if I can look at gold and silver you know
like I look at it and I get real I just know how to work whether it’s gonna be
good now you can see this one’s all right it has a little more vintage value
this one is not so vintage this one is newer this one’s all right
for this that’s vintage goldbricks all that noise tournament this prize not second prize first prize
Bobby look at that I went fishing one time and I caught a fish and it was this
big we have something native and American Oh what is that I think that is expensive
right there baby girl that’s good this could very well be the most expensive
piece in here Oh Fallon milk happy daddy everyone needs to do it a milk like this
no wait no that was before your time there’s actually before my time too that
looks very cool I lose a pirate he kept your rum in
there that’s a little shit original Tim how do you think that is see when you
get in these want to look in there and you see the way that the different
levels materials are there you can see it’s ancient egg we that out loud
everybody 1 4 K how can you not read it – Harry cursive that is nice that is
probably highly expensive – uh-huh damn it Gina look at that that is native
and American months Thunderball wow this is it’s a good turnout to be one of the
best bosses in the game possibly girl oh shit look at this dude you see the
crudeness and look at you see the crudeness in there mm-hmm
you have any idea how much this could be worth know it’s things like this that
could be like the most literally you overlook some like this like sometimes
people get mad at me I remember in a hundred thousand or the $69,000 rent
unit we did tonight over the I kind of tossed aside to play ball I still have a
sitting there so I’m waiting to get it appraised they said like that broke
twenty thousand this is definitely wooden it’s made like you have them seen
in this is nice first naval district senior division winner looks to be like
a sterling silver head their trophy Verne Adams Class C champs 1955 that is
nice trophy in 1995 it’s not as cause I was hoping
still it’s a nice knife that was kind of like oh ho guess what that Native
American Bowl just got better or what it was a vase store stocker still texting Ocean City 1610 oh look at that nice
un-freakin’-believable later girl remember when you told me stop dating on
this unit and when you thought I was nuts are you glad your dad don’t listen
sometimes you don’t know booyah don’t you have these right here are really nice they’re
made of bird’s-eye maple see the casing on the outside towards a maple they call
it I think well maybe bird’s-eye Hickory I think there’s other types of birds I
I’m unsure the maker on these right but I think there’s something very spent so
these could be like one of the sleeper items in this whole unit they’re vintage
classic speakers they have this weird modern look to him one these have to come out somehow
don’t you ever fix your speaker I don’t know we’re not gonna hurt him but those
are very nice speakers nonetheless this concludes this unboxing
thanks to my beautiful camera woman I saw princess and my wonderful daughter
okay the Jordan D Haas we got this one wrapped up we have look let’s see you
here real quick she’s gonna unbox these real quick for us put that on her
channel you’ll be able to see that after salt print and I saved this deck boxes
right here for Grimes when he gets here we’re gonna unstack all of that right
there together one bottom boxing with him and then a strap we’re gonna load
this all up and it’s gonna go off to Texas thanks for watching this amazing
$7000 storage unit possibly the best storage unit in the world
I hope they thought I was nuts when I bought this one right here if you watch
the video the very first vlog when I bought the insects out dad know I’m all
in blessings everybody love y’all do a little paragraph


  • Pirate look at those beads on the necklaces that you found I didn’t get a really good look at them look to see if they were stamped they look silver but they be worth more than just silver Native Americans used to stamp each bead and then solder them together in the middle then drilling them four necklaces one necklace like that could be worth 200 to 600 possibly

  • Qué lindas las artesanías que habían , botellas preciosas y los hermosos sombreros, lástima que no entiendo.pero bueno saludos desde Antofagasta Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • This guy must have bought boots, coffee thermos’ and pants every time he left the house! 🤠 and fishing lures and boxes!

  • Thomas Edison also took anyone he was interviewing for job/apprentice to eat. If they seasoned their food without tasting it first he automatically didn’t hire them on.

  • 28:15 there was so much trash I think the other small lid might have got overlooked? Great stuff! Amazing collection

  • I am so very happy for you and just can't find the right words to express it. You're such a good, honest, hardworking, genuine, superlative and transcendent person! A admirable as well as phenomenal dad to your children; and a superb, noble, honest and helpful friend to your friends! You have one of the old souls that are rare these days. You just can't find them! I am so so so so excited for you. The more videos I see of this unit, the more I get excited. There are so many good items that just make me feel like your blessings are going to be BIG. I cannot wait to see how blessed you are going to be when this comes to a close. You so deserve this so very much. I could not think of a better person for this to be happening to right now. God bless you Pirate!❤️❤️❤️

  • Looking forward to a great auction in TX. You are in great hands with Jason Grimes. His crew will take the very best care of your great finds. I know you will do great at the auction!❤

  • Pray all the luck for your auction! Grimes did a great job! It looks good. Fun knowing each box that it came out of. Random great stuff packed together in piles of rat poop.

  • No Edison tried 1000 failed attempts with light bulbs.. Which Edison said they wasn't failed attempts, It was 1000 stages to the light bulb…. Google's Great 😊

  • Just seen your catalog over on grimes find auction sight! You have been blessed with many wonderful items from this storage unit! Good luck and god bless! Prayers sent to you and grimes for a successful auction 👍🙂

  • , many historical articles claim that Ben Franklin tried anywhere from 3,000-6,000 types of materials in the light bulb before he found the one that not only worked but created a solution to the problem

  • The wooden bowl ,is very valuable it is a poi bowl from Hawaii they were usually handed down in one family for generations. Simply amazing find brother!!!

  • Love those speakers , that 2 piece chair looked like old west . The best unit I've ever seen. Thanks. Can't wait for the auction….Grimes has everything looking awesome on display. Congrats and keep smiling!

  • Pirate, I cannot express how much I have enjoyed watching this unit being unwrapped. I can tell you that I am sooo happy for you and your children. I wish you well , and I have been praying for you all. Again, thank you for sharing this adventure with us.

  • That chair is made from a very old wagon wheel. The base with all the slots is the hub that the wooden spokes went into. Good rustic find.

  • The knife wing man for the bolo has fake, glued on stones. There are no bezel edges gripping the "stones". The ball chain necklaces are fashion pieces, not even copies of Native American styles. Check to see if any are sterling though.

  • @Salt Princess…. Cherish all the time and knowledge your dad is torturing 😉 you with. My dad did the same to me but it was during the 80's (so no internet) I spent so much summer weekends going yard/garage/estate sales (advertised in the newspaper/want ad) & flea markets (set up @ 4am to find best items on other tables before crowds of course 🙄) but I wouldn't go back and change it for the world!! My dad is gone now but I cherish these memories and the knowledge that he has given me. Enough knowledge to tell you that your dad 1. Spent the $7k very well 2. Is totally not exaggerating when he says certain items will pay beyond what he didn't in the unit (which I'm sure you already know 😊).
    @Pirate… You know you're gonna be able to buy that house right?!?!? This unit was ABSOLUTELY AH-MAZING!!!! I know that Grimes is gonna do you a solid and get the most he can for all these items! But I'd be wrong if I were to say you won't break $100k… This can and will be easily done!! I'm so happy that this unit went to someone who appreciates & respects the items for what they are not only for what they are worth!!! Stay Blessed & keep us in the loop on how well you make out on this unit please (I know it's all gonna be on Grimes Finds but I'm sure others on your channel would like these updates as well) ❤️ – Kim – Worcester, MA

  • More super cool stuff in every box, Pirate! 👍👍 Hi Salt Princess you're doing great. I'm preregistered and I hope you make a fortune! Pirate, how do you spread the word around about this auction so you can get the maximum number of collectors interested? Also, when buyers go to bid, how can you let them know these items came from the crazy $7,000.00 locker, (so they could go watch the videos) and that this massive collection of wonderful stuff is mostly vintage collectibles that belonged to one collector? Tyfs.

  • What the heck would that giant bullet fit? Even their boots and clothes are nice. I’ve never seen so many hats for one or maybe two heads! I am hoping the Auction takes off toward RICHES aplenty!🥰

  • Another great video! I open Vintage cards such as 1970 Baseball packs. Check em out and subscribe!

    MORE videos coming soon and a contest vintage giveaway!!

  • Guys I am so glad this worked out well for you ,keep the vids coming they and you are way more interesting than anything we have on TV in the UK ,I just wish I was unboxing with you I would have made you an offer on the sword cane at least ..lol.

  • Love your show! Congrat'z on the stellar unit been fun to watch all the $hizzlenitz flyin out'a them boxes. Wishin Salt Princess all the best on her channel. Keep swingin them batz! …. Many more hommers in your future.

  • Congratulations on finding the money. I want to hear that you bought yourself a home. I'm 73 years old and know that it's very important to get yourself in your own place. That way you will be the boss of your own space. God bless you and your family.

  • The chair is an old wagon axle the round Barrel part is the center hub and the seat bottom is the outer hub. But super awesome stuff.

  • Show me the $115,000 cash that you made on all that stuff. I have been doing storage units for many years and the stuff isn't worth retail prices like you want to think. You will go through 3/4 of that unit to just get your $7000 back. If you walk away with $4000 profit, I will be amazed.

  • pirate daughter seems a bit camera shy! haha man what a great unit you got there budd!! so have you sold all the stuff already? where are you getting $115,000 from?

  • Just came across your channel on this 1 storage unit. I have to say above anything and profit that you are truly a inspiration. You took a big risk and this has to be the best video I have ever seen on YouTube and you hit it big. You've inspired me and I truly thank you !!!

  • Hello Friend. Give me a gift of your treasures to keep as a souvenir. A multipurpose knife, or a compass or binoculars.

  • 25 million dollars profit on a $7000 storage unit but cant show even 30 bucks worth of valuable goods just more CLICK BAIT !!!!!!!! SAD VERY SAD!!!!!

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