$100 Abandoned Storage 🎰  JACKPOT ! HUGE PROFITS! I bought an abandoned storage unit

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$100 Abandoned Storage 🎰 JACKPOT ! HUGE PROFITS! I bought an abandoned storage unit

I always say it’s not what you buy it’s
what you spent and here we go this was $100 storage unit what did I
see in here I don’t know I saw us I don’t care I saw
dust records I love records old sewing somebody one
of these patterns recently I forget who CDs this is like nothing but profit in
here white flag bags I don’t know we’re about to see their scene it’s gonna get
moved here sometime the next few days I yelled out a hundred I probably should
have said five but I just I guess I scared her way off and I’m thankful I
only pay 200 that’s the way I look at things trunk it’s got everything I like
trunks spiderwebs dust records more records what is this I
was intrigued by this let’s see what this is arrow screen Hollywood California that’s
kind of interesting I’ll go inside do a little bit of looking in this unit right
now very intrigued I looked up on eBay and I doubt that that’s the value of
this but somebody has this exact screen on eBay and they want 2900 personally I
think that’s probably a little bit crazy it’s probably somebody fishing but we’re
about to taking a look into that a little bit more later when we get home Hot Diggity damn that looks freakin real you look at that leather there it’s
distressed Louis Vuitton I don’t know this is a freakin good possibility huh
interesting I’m getting shield you can open them an off film what do we have
better ukulele be a Martin Martin ukulele Martin Luka lately dude holy
shit it was nice $10 storage unit wrestle fun I don’t
know what that is it looks nice that’s nice heavy $10 unit paying off Oh
daddy needed a good that’s good that is interesting
$10 storage Martin assigned by a band Suzuki Glenn Duke miss he was really a come on $10 a couple bucks and paper
didn’t this is weird this is a sex toy isn’t it you swing this from your bed or
something no am I just am I am I just wanting it to be a sex toy a couple
trunks Rutina my son can you day that I’m always wanting to go straight to the
back of storage unit for some reason thrown in here dare he likes sports
cards on the box about 150 ya put Mike Michael go put those up that’s kind of they’re all had a wedding dress could be
a match Star Wars it’s gonna be a good unit that’s a good sign
that’s a good card right there that’s old 1968 World Series that’s a good
start we’re taking Seiko used to be my idol
right there everybody you’re a Mark McGwire fans where your
favorite I’m 25 finally I’m intrigued by the tree trunks back here because they
look cheesy made in China intriguing boom it’s Joe will be all of
those they’re just boxes for days Michael you
don’t watch my videos but you’ll be eBay in this soon ten bucks and costume
jewelry though that pays for the unit that little bag right there paste with
us know des this wasn’t our 10 Doreen I’m confused
yeah hundred right sorry everybody I’m not trying to mislead you there’s three
trunks here – this one’s empty Field of Dreams people I’ve been saying this a
lot lately every one of these stores is the Field of Dreams a trunk break the
thing come on Lord he’s a new pair of heels ping so he likes to walk up his like part by part is weird that could be
what you store in his wallet is that a 50 rings makes you wonder
though why Sonny would lock it up a box like that lets me get all excited for
stuff like that heart just it’s like going to the strip flip it all excited killing a record collection get to it mmm the plastic totes up against ya
looks like yeah I mean name smells like Grandma you know you had that when you
was in eighth grade Oh Judy’s old remember these they were
the UM dance the Ricky cook no but there were what they called portfolios
painters you know you had Jeff with Olli Lady Gaga
today in that Star Trek it’s so hard to tell it everything
buried on each other hmm big comic book number one first edition that’s the
number nine still intriguing and then it gets into a challenge there’s something
cool when I gave it a little box though get your old movie cards you got your
projectors 1975 so weird just got a display case just somewhere that’s Errol
right there was way when something was in here he had some mounted to this see
how’s that holes in it like someone’s mounted maybe I’m gonna find my police badges at
Matthew yeah well that’s featuring Batman is the
mad hunter I spy yeah oh that’s kind of dope vintage I’d be more enthusiastic wit smoking for
life I should read this one everybody oh those are cassettes like a listing
tumble and this is a trunk that made me want to buy the unit and doesn’t look
very promising yeah Bianca who tears trying to bust people
his little cop back see he’s got his bet his badge he’s playing cops and robbers
with the wife no the pictures do not do this justice
but at least I got a little something-something to put in the first
reveal video of this unit that’s 20 bucks on eBay believe it or not that’ll
probably go my collection at home this is kind of cool little Denison’s handy
box of painters calligraphy set already lists into eBay but these these
items here came out of the hundred dollar unit it’s another one of those
Schneider Kushner lenses and a retina reflex s camera nothing special right
son 37 I think he’s saying a little bit of research when I got home and this
guitar obviously it’s missing the part that holds the strings here I think and
the strings aren’t in there but it’s a vintage guitar it’s made in Japan Japan
is it’s actually very good for guitars believe it or not you don’t you if you
just not main America it’s not made in Germany Japan ranks up there in the top
three for guitars much better than China Korea yeah it’s got to be about 200
bucks like this probably I’m guessing not bad
so this one here the case is a little demolished okay it’s completely fucked
up but uh the guitar I finally got home I was able to do a little bit of
research this is I believe in 1963 or 64 resophonic guitar the neck I took off
because it was a little loose and I didn’t want these screws to strip out
here Shh once a collectors a collector’s
condition one with a nice case on ebay over 1200 this right here is it easy
easy 500 bucks it has to be this condition I mean it’s not showroom a
poly needs a little cleaning and so forth but we’re talking showroom is 1200
so this is a decent use Gabby about $500 for that no I’m giving people element of
surprise and it’s looking scarier because the lights aren’t on tonight it’s gonna go through some comics here
that we got out of this unit Avengers number 55 Swamp Thing 9 Superman and the
209 Superman and the 210 Superman number 214 Batman 204 some decent comics
actually it’s all came out of the hundred dollar unit that we just got
Batman was Calypso I spy the Man From UNCLE The Phantom Stranger number 80 the
human fly number one again werewolf by night number nine in humans the Black
Widow and 15 cent number 2 the tomb of Dracula 25 cents Conan the Barbarian
Star Wars number three yes now these are really like something to get all juiced
up about but they’re not bad you know daredevil aw
going in Alpha Flight alpha flight what do we got here we got off a flight alpha
fight I’ll fight I’ll fight I’ll fight he’s hard to do all this with just two
hands I’ve kind of become did it flipping through things and doing stuff
on my own because I’m well AI can’t wait for the cameraman and B it’s like
impossible to do the stuff with the phone I don’t really do the whole strap
around your chest strap around your head all that stuff – GoPro things it’s all
with the cell phone good girls good girl spider-man looks finest Superman Batman
number 182 alpha fly by Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Alpha Flight
swampthing again these guys got it oddly has a lot of several times over it’s
like they’re pretty cool the Dark Crystal that’s a good Jim Henson book
Papa Smurf’s storybook et storybook Star Wars storybook Star Wars storybook and
then we got several large Conan’s here we got a bunch of Punishers
some aliens indianature New Mutants is number one comics comics alien aliens
aliens aliens Grendel GI Joe Terminator Punisher deathblow web of Spiderman
shade last one the last one the one the lone wolf Club so it seems like in a
tree you want almost plague looking it up cuz I never heard of it
Oh blazer Hellblazer Hellblazer Punisher I’m sure there’s a house of to second
story book era Manhunter how there’s this comics touch-tones oh there’s tons
of comic CI a– has a several these and it’s like Dick Tracy then there’s the
human fly number one like nine of those and we’ve got four it’s weird
must’ve went to a convention I was like hey we’re gonna give these away uh by to
get eight free and just comments no they’re not in the best shape all of
them are Thundercats number two I love the Thundercats as a kid one of
my favorites Iron Man and spider-man web of Spiderman
number one giant x-men comics these are like the 75 centers the dollar that’s
when comics tend to have less value you want them to be older obviously 10 cents
and 12 cents we go down here Superman just comics we just saw the light picking that
storage today we go sifting there’s a huge sports card collection in there
these are pretty cool all your garbage pail kids from back tons of cards


  • Someone's entire life been flushed down the crapper without so much as a care. Acting like druggies chasing a fix. Surely if you are in the game you would know how to handle items with care and integrity? Any fool can see that this unit is worth a lot of money…..

  • For a sports and comic book collector this unit is Gold! Those trunks can bring in some money. You should of cut the lock first. Patience!

  • Tucker don’t let the haters in the Effen down people get to you you’re living the dream you have the beautiful Sammy J and the cute ki kies Just remember all the great things you do for lotta great people and ignore the others keep dreaming.

  • I think basically the person maybe owned a Comic Book Store. With so many boxes of Cards, and so many repeats of the comics. Either that or he bought out a comic book store that was closing.

  • Garbage pail kids hit big when i was in grade school. Loved those stickers would put them on everything. Those are probably so old that you would have to glue them to whatever you want.

  • When i was a kid i would go to the local 7-11 and almost wait for the new comic books to appear i believe it was restocked every Tuesday. I would do the same as this person did buy those long boxes, buy bags of 100 bags for the comics and sometimes a back board to keep them really nice. But yeah Comics crashed in the 90's i think those comics may be great for a few collectors, but only if they are graded by some company to find out the value of them in the condition they are in. Or maybe something to give to kids and see how happy they would be to look at all these old comic books they have never seen before.

  • I'm late to the party but you had some decent value in the comics I own a comic shop and there were several money books. web of spider-man 1 about 20 new mutants 1 also like 20 just to name 2.

  • Hello people fron the Channel end Brazilians living abroad i an Ana and i live in the interior of Pernambuco and i have been unemployed for over 4 years and i have 2 daughters of 14 years. As everyone things are Very complicated in Brazil and i am here to ask donations of anything that is you can help us please. Anything that is you want no longer useful to you. If you can help us, please send it to the address: Ana Karla – Rua Pedro Rosendo n 79 – Lajedo-PE – Brazil – CEP 55385-000. Thank you very much in advance

  • Mike – do you still have those horror monster cards in this video???? I collect any old black and white horror stuff like Dracula, mummy, Frankenstein etc

  • maybe the person who had this unit had like a comic book and sports card shop that why so many duplicate comics and unopened packs of cards

  • That unit is a gold mine!!!!!……$1,000s of dollars worth of sports cards & toys……I collect sports cards & vintage toys & i was about dying through the whole video…..

  • Je n'aime pas ce genre de personne aucun respect pour les affaires il retourne tout prends les guitares et mets-les toi ou je pense. Fuck🖕💥

  • depending on age, that resophonic guitar is worth 150 to 1500 dollars. will allowances for condition of course, it's called a resonator guitar. Some have a square neck and are played flat, like a pedal steel, the round necks are played much like a regular guitar,but usually played with a slide too.

  • One great find after another. You hit pay dirt!! 💖 it is kinda hard watching you guys maul everything though. Seems a bit disrespectful for some reason .

  • First of all you need to learn how to go thru what is in there without tearing things up. You never know you might end up tearing up something really valuable when you should of been more careful. Watch other collectors they are more careful. You are real idiots.

  • I hope you read the comments! Your inexperience an lack of history knowledge,is going to cost you money…. the rest of us can only hope that someone went through your trash, and saved some of these things… 😬 good luck 👍🏻

  • https://youtu.be/HVdJLxy__yY Mike have a look 👀 at this $10 unit that the Bearded Reseller please look at his page he needs some Love right about now he is new to your game only 35 subscribers maybe some of you could give him a bit of encouragement his 1st bag had dildos & all the lubricants in!

  • Louis Vuitton is a high end label from NYC.

  • I agree with most of the comments in here you guys are like Bulls in a china shop you guys should be taken care of all that stuff in there cuz everything in there is worth money all those comic books research some there's tons of comic books that they're they're worth of mint those those baseball cards hockey cards nothing else like that slow down pick through them easy don't shove things you know to the side I was like grinding my teeth watching you guys do this like slow down

  • Wow! You are looking at a small fortune and treating it like it’s junk! I am sick to my stomach watching this.. I have been buying storage units since 1991 and have dreamed of coming across one like this! I don’t know what’s happening! I’m not sure if this is for real or you are putting us on.. 🤔

  • These guys act more like tweekers digging through dumpsters on the streets than professional buyers/resellers. Poorly organized, no regard for the content of the unit. Wasn't full of Jordan's , designer clothes and broken iPhones I guess. 👎

  • Those cards might be the best find in there! You might have well over $10K in cards if you know what you're looking at!

  • Rather than destroy the trunks, in a hurry, failing with bolt cutters frequently, why not carry a battery operated Dremel cutoff wheel or a Ryobi?

  • Why do you tear up stuff? I don't understand why you buy these things when you have no self control. You tear up everything you get your greedy hands on.

  • Your camera is so close that we can’t even see the pieces that you are looking at. I, personally, find that frustrating and annoying to try to watch

  • Do you have any idea the money you cost yourself? The way you treat collectibles is horrendous. You have proven you have no idea what your doing.

  • it was your destiny to find all this stuff, god gave you a FORTUNE and a chance to keep the american culture alive maybe bring happyness to other people. but it seems that you don't no what your doing. its very sad.

  • I guess you don't call yourself "pirate" for nothing. Rip through, break, smash just to find coins? Cringe worthy watching.

  • Not that I care but these two look like a couple of thieves looking through the loot (not calling them thieves I'm Shure their ok people)

  • Dunno if the I Spy mag/comic is going to be worth anything good but that's a young Bill Cosby. No offense but he's in failing health and may be dead soon. Once he is I'm sure you'll find a collector willing to pay a pretty penny.

  • Ok… After watching the entire video I do have to agree that you should take more care going through certain items. However, I can only feel that you guys are going through these items in the same way the previous unit owner kept them. How are you supposed to know what you have until you rip through the boxes. If the previous owner had these items stored with respect (plastic bagged comics, proper comic cardboard boxes, marked boxes) then Pirate would've gone through everything with the respect they need to be handled. So stop complaining about how he's handling these items and move on to another video. You don't have to watch but you do cuz you want to see what great finds he has, regardless of how things are being handled.
    Now with that being said…. Pirate you are sitting on a gold mine! Some of those comics are worth quite a bit! Don't lot them on eBay!!! Most of them should be individual sales. Also remember Stan Lee has passed so that's gonna increase the value of his work. That LV bag looks like a knock off but I'm sure you can check with them using the stamped code inside the bag. I have to say out of all the units I've seen you and others dig into this is the one unit I would've loved digging through!! So much interesting and cool finds!! Keep us posted on how these items sold and how many times over you recoup your $100 investment ☺️

  • I know, let that DUFUSS open and TRY to read all of those comics. Doesn't matter how much they might be worth!

  • Felicidades pirata ¡¡¡¡ buena compra¡¡¡ yo creo algún día encontrarás un verdadero tesoro¡¡¡ 👍

  • Those cards and toys are the real deal dude….take care of them
    .you dont know how much are these freaking comics if its real…

  • You should have donated these collectables to "Blue Bus Dave"! He would know eveything about them & make both of you a fortune

  • Maybe the signed guitar was owned and broken by the band. Could still be worth s little money. You should look into it. You never know.

  • The lion or tiger sound you have in your intro is cool, but seems out of place for a pirate. Books sometimes have money in them, I have found 50 dollar bill silver certificates in old books before.

  • Don’t dismiss those sports cards… you could possibly have some decent rookies in those boxes, I saw a few. Area from the 70’s there! AND the comic books as well!

  • Lots of money to be made but ……. S L O W D O W N !!! This business is a labor of love – your patience will pay off in higher returns when you respect the merch !!!!!

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