💰Making $10,000 Profit on My 1st Storage Unit!!!💰 I Bought an Abandoned Storage Unit

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💰Making $10,000 Profit on My 1st Storage Unit!!!💰 I Bought an Abandoned Storage Unit

hey guys retired at 40 I want to show
you something I do to make a little bit of extra income every once in a while
and more than that it’s just it’s cheap entertainment it’s a lot of fun so I’ve
got to bid in on this storage unit so I haven’t really done one for a while but
I just this just happened to catch my eye for some reason so I put a bit in
right now I’ve got about 12 seconds left and you can see that I’m the winning bid
right now two one cool so it looks like I won I paid nine
hundred and sixty dollars for it so I’m a little bit anxious because I haven’t
done this in a while and I used to do it a lot when my kids were real little
because I stayed at home with them and we just have fun opening boxes and
playing with stuff and you just never knew what was in the next box I’ve had
my share of really good storage units and I’ve also had my share of really bad
storage units so I’m gonna get the van and the trailer hooked up and we’re
gonna go check this out and see what’s in there alright next we need to get
some greenbacks for youngsters that means money Benjamins “Got the Goods?” so we’re all paid up we’ve got the gate
code now we’re gonna meet the guy over there he’s gonna let us into the unit so
anxious “care if i video?” I think you’ll do well
yeah if nothing else we’ll have fun so right away inside the door there’s
quite a bit of good stuff this propeller is what I have my eye on those go for
like four or five hundred bucks there’s couple model planes here there’s some
diecast little engines for planes a metal detector and there’s tons tons and
tons of mystery boxes one thing that caught my eye was this D&RGW railroad
that’s Denver and Rio Grande there’s some private property railroad signs
which are kind of cool there’s a big old train right here punching bag so we tend
to load everything up and then kind of dissect it as we get at home so that’s
what we’re gonna do right now so my first impressions of this unit are
pretty good there’s a lot of good stuff just from our first glance I think it’s
gonna be a really good unit I think there’s gonna be a lot of good surprises
in it I’ve got a really good feeling about it but I’m gonna get everything
unloaded and kind of sorted out and we’ll we’ll go through some of the
things that I find and then we’ll open up some of the mystery boxes so all
these boxes they’re all train stuff so I’ve had a chance to kind of go through
everything real quick and the first thing I like to do before I start going
through boxes is go through the really obvious stuff because I like to go and
try and find how I’m gonna make my money back so this is a big steel train that
it’s a mail box I’m sure some kind of train lever person would love to spend 50
bucks on that I looked up this Piper Cub but this is unassembled and quite a few
of them sold on eBay for just over 200 bucks this narrow gauge said this should
be worth a hundred $150 these are super cool I found these hiding behind some
other stuff it’s a no trespassing signs these ought to be worth I don’t know 50
to 100 bucks apiece any railroad collector would love to have these this
plain is an older one but it ought to be worth about 50 bucks so get this
airplane prop 2 and I thought it was worth a lot more than it is but after I
got it home I noticed that it’s got a big chunk out of it so it’s probably
still worth a hundred or 200 bucks it is pretty cool it’s definitely old it’s got
the old brass tips on it so that breaks us even so what does that mean
that means that I scored big-time because I’ve got I’ve got all of this
I’ve got all of this and I’ve got all the
and I know for a fact there’s some real good boxes in here because of how
they’re labeled so we’ve got these two bikes to the out of you’re worth 50
bucks so this is pretty cool I did some research on this it would be for a
signal person or a flag person on the caboose and this one actually has a flag
in it and then in this box would actually carry flares or I believe they
call them torpedoes this one would have to do a little research on I can’t find
a price but I have found a couple of them that are exactly like it I’ve got a
couple radiant heaters cold seasons coming up those out of you worth 40 50
bucks so there’s a jacket and some coveralls and I always check the pockets
on everything because people stash things in strange spots had some
mid-century modern chairs that I pulled off the cushions and found $300 3 $100
bills nothing in these nitro motor for an
airplane it’s worth about $250 I think that should be worth a hundred bucks got
a punching bag that’ll be worth 25 got a nice camp stove a propane burner it’s
got some random tools and three sets of tire chains all that stuff’s probably
worth about 75 bucks the JL audio amplifier those are selling on eBay for
like 50 50 to 75 dollars the best part about it so far is that’s all the
garbage that came out of here the students turning out to be quite a
goldmine I’m already out quite a bit on the plus side and I haven’t yet haven’t
even gotten into the boxes yet I’m gonna get into the models first and then I’m
gonna work my way up into what I think is going to be probably the best part of
the gravy holy models so most of these ended up
being just Revell put together models they’re not worth a whole lot maybe I
don’t know fifty to a hundred bucks for the whole thing if someone wants them
same thing with the cars they’re all put together models they’re not really worth
a whole lot this helicopter is a BBI and it’s worth about $200 and then we
get into the 21st century models this stack right here is about $450 and all
these planes are all 21st century or they’re all probably worth about 30 to
50 apiece so let me count them all quick there’s 16 of them that are out of the
box so even at $30 a piece that’s 480 dollars so next I’m gonna start going
through some of these books and I know there’s some good stuff in here because
they’re titled train books I know that train books are real collectible so what
kind of sort through it and I’ll give you the highlights so I had a chance to
go through all the books and as I expected it was just a total treasure
chest lots of books that were just kind of hard to find stuff it’s out of print
quite a few books that were like 300 bucks a piece quite a few sets here I’ll
show you so these two boxes were full of
publications from 1979 till current almost they’ve got close to 40 years
worth of publications so take 40 years times 25 to 30 dollars per year and then
there’s quite a few boxes like this with you know 20 books in it they’re all 20
to 30 dollars apiece this one was a really good one this black set right
here is worth close to a thousand bucks just by itself and then we’ve got a
couple more books that are like a hundred bucks apiece
so this box is over $1,000 just by itself and as I was flipping through I
found this book it’s something that’s out of date and it was a small
publication this alone is $350 and then I’ve just got random stacks that I’ve
sorted out of different types of books they’re all 20 to 30 bucks apiece I’ve
got boxes that I have through yet this set right here was 130
dollars all these little books here like 20 to 30 bucks and then I’ve got tons
and tons of just out-of-date publications now that I’ve had a chance
to go through all the books and the magazines I’m gonna tackle the last big
section we’ve got buildings and freight cars all along here these are all
engines and locomotives so that’s kind of where the money is at so I’m gonna
get that all sorted and then I’m gonna show you what I found and I know for a
fact that was a really good box in there because it’s labeled brass trains a few
years back I sold an enormous model train collection and the brass trains
just command a huge amount of money so I’m gonna save that for laughs you’re
gonna have to stick around to the last of the video to find out I got all of
the locomotives and all of the Freight all sorted out and there is easily a
couple thousand dollars here and then I’ve also got all of my rolling stock
separated and the buildings these three boxes are full of unopened buildings
that’s easily another thousand I’ve got three boxes I’ve repaired locomotives
those should easily bring three to four hundred dollars I’ve got lots and lots
of odds and ends and paperwork from the locomotives that’s another couple
hundred books so what I’m most excited about are these two boxes right here and
I’m gonna show you why so I know my trains pretty well and anyone that makes
a special box to have foam that makes everything real nice there’s got to be
something really really good in here and these are n scale they’re all hand
painted someone put tons and tons and tons of work into all these I’ve only
opened the top one so I’m not sure what all is in these but yeah just more of
these n scales easily another thousand dollars just because these are all hand
weathered hand painted so this is my final box and this should be the mother
lode because it says brass trains and I lifted it up and it’s extremely heavy so
it probably is brass trains which is awesome because brass trains are
extremely expensive and I can already see right now just off the top these two
brands they’re expensive so I’m going to go through this real quick so definitely
some expensive trains here but I saved the best for last because this box right
here is about two thousand dollars just by itself these are all brass trains
completely unread well it’s been a while since I’ve done a storage unit probably
at least a couple years but this was a killer unit probably one of the best if
not the best I’ve ever bought I mean I don’t I don’t think I’ll have a problem
probably 8 to 10 X on what I spent for the unit I will say though I’ve had my
share of crappy units in order to get to this point and I’ve bought lots and lots
and lots of stuff that I just instantly regretted buying but this kind of unit
makes it all worth it going through people’s dirty mattresses and dirty
underwear and dirty socks because every once in a while you hit the motherlode
like this one make sure you take a moment to subscribe you get to join me
and my family on our journey through our retirement at the age of 40
in the meantime this is retired at 40 remember to live life simple we’ll catch
you next week


  • Kickass!! I love how you bring your boys with you and teaching them at a young age about life and money!! Half the kids in America are growing up without a Dad and society is hurting because of this!! Just talked with my 61 yr old buddy in Scottsdale yesterday, he called me 4 months ago and wanted my opinion about lending his girlfriend of 6 months some money as she was in a financial pickle. I told him if he lends her this $$ and it is totally likely he will never see it again……It turned out to be $150,000!!! lol "That money is gone and she is on the hunt for the next Sucker"! Golfing later today. Keep making these videos and thank you for being a great dad and husband….Society needs you. Timmy C.

  • You fa g ..what a complete POS…you DO NOT PROSPER ON THE MISFORTUNE OF OTHERS…you are a fa g g o t for doing this, promoting this….bitch ….you needa get slapped…

  • I loved doing these before the TV shows. You could get large jammed packed lockers for $1-200 now they go for hundreds or over 1g

  • the pioneer 202 detector is about 325 new, yo should get 125-150 for it, and that bag is about 100$ easy, loved the video, you scored big time! I just posted a storage unit video….. it was a 4x4x3 uit, but I scored pretty good. I subbed.

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