춘향뎐(2000) / Chunhyang

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춘향뎐(2000) / Chunhyang

Come here, ride my back and we’ll play.
Come here, ride my back and we’ll play. Love, love, love, my love.
What a love, my beloved. Chunhyang Oh, my love.
Then my beloved. What would you like to eat?
What would you like to eat? A poked round watermelon poured with sweet white honey? Take the seeds out and scoop a red bit.
Savor the thick juice. No, I don’t want any. Sung by Cho Sang-hyeon
Drummed by Kim Myeong-hwan
Then what would you like to eat?
What would you like to eat? Sung Chunhyang YI Hyo-jeong
Lee Mongryong Cho Seung-woo
A short, thick, and oval cucumber, eggplant, or sweet melon? No, I don’t want any. Then what would you like to eat? Would you like cherries or grapes? Taffies or glutinous rice jellies, my dear? Then my beloved. What would you like to eat?
What do you want to eat? Would you like to eat apricots
to have my son? No, I don’t want that either.
Then my beloved. Walk away. Let me see your backside. Come here. Let me see your front. Totter like a baby.
Let me see you walk. Smile. Let me see your mouth. Director Im Kwon-taek
Then my beloved… Jeongdong Theater Traditional music is good and all
but for 5 hours? I think there is a reason
why we were told to watch it. What reason?
It’s the same old tale of Chunhyang. I loved the performance. Hey, over here! – Why are you so late?
– I’m sorry. Don’t laugh! Stop laughing!
You can’t hide anything, can you? Isn’t anyone going to buy the pamphlet?
We’re going to need it for the report. Do you know what this story is about?
This isn’t a joke! I might fall asleep. Hey, you have to be awake when I’m asleep
and vice versa. There are six of us here. Let’s take turns watching.
50 minutes each? I’m tired and have a back pain.
I can’t take it for too long. Hey! I’m going to get information
on Internet for my report. You guys go ahead and watch it. Traditional art has never
disappointed me. – Just hang in there.
– Just watch it, buddy. It will take 5 hours
to complete the performance. Performing for 5 hours is going to
be exhausting for me and you’re also exhausting
for sitting out there. So we’ll have two intermissions. You can use the bathroom
for peeing or crapping during those intermissions. To be more polite,
urination and defecation. The show… I’ll do my best till the very last minute of it. I ask you to encourage me
so I can do my job well. From the beginning to the very end. Thank you. Namwon town of Honam Province was known as Daebangguk long ago. On the east is Jiri Mountain.
On the west is Jeokseong River. Water flowed southwards
with high mountains above. Full of spiritual energy, Namwon bred many handsome people. Given that there is a shrine
for the royal subject, Guan Yu. How can a loyal official
not be born here? In King Sukjong’s early reign, there lived the only son
of a local governor. He was 16 years old. Since he was handsome and righteous, he was a great man. On one fine day,
he called his servant Bangja… – Hey, Bangja!
– Yes, master. It’s been several months,
since I came here with my father but I’ve yet to go sightseeing.
Is there any good places? Why does a diligent student
like you need to know? You don’t know anything. All the greatest scholars
have visited famous sights. So tell me now. As you wish, Master Lee.
I will give you an outline. Out the north gate, Gyoryong
Fortress is a good place. Out the west is Seonwon Temple and
to the east is a shrine for Guan Yu. To the south are Kwanghanru,
Ojak Bridge, and Yeongju Pavilion. It’s said they’re the best places
to visit in the south provinces. From what you said
Kwanghanru seems the best. Go get the donkey ready. But you know your father forbids this. You’ll get me into trouble. Look, I’ll just get permission
from my father. Go mount the saddle! He mounts the donkey. He lets Bangja lead the way and goes out through the South Gate. He unfolds a golden fan shaped
like a crane’s yellow wing to block the sunshine. As he travels down
the wide road to the South, the breeze stirs up the dust. With the sweet scent of
peach flowers as they walk by. The governor’s son is out. Jeokseong Mountain in the morning is still covered by late fog. Late spring is heavy with green trees. Flowers, willows and east wind
are all around. The beautiful columns of house soar high into the sky. The purplish-red tower
radiates golden and red light. Must be Kwanghanru. Kwanghanru is beautiful, but Ojak Bridge is better. If it is really Ojak Bridge, the Altair and the Vega must meet there. If I were to be the Altair, who would be the Vega? – Bangja.
– Yes, master. Today, we’ll drink as friends,
not as master and servant. Who is the older of you two? Master, he’s a few years older. Then you have a drink first. Take this drink.
Dano Day must be your day. It’s really great. “I didn’t recognize how deep
the light of spring is.” Have a drink. “But everywhere, peach
flowers blossomed already.” “A pair of butterflies
may not want to stay.” “They are fluttering
from flower to flower.” White and red flowers.
White and red flowers. An angelic girl appears
from the flowery field. Like the sun or like the moon,
the beautiful girl appears with another girl, as if they would
ride a swing together. They arrive in a green forest.
They grabs the long colorful ropes. She grabs the two ropes
with her delicate hands. With her first stamp,
she swings up high. With her second stamp,
she swings back far. If she flies higher,
she’ll meet Seowangmo angel. If she flies lower,
she’ll meet the ancient Yoji Empress. She is a girl.
But also a fairy. One moment she’s far away,
the next she’s very close. Her swings in and out are like a swallow’s springs. Her lovely motions
put Mongryong in a spell. – Hey, Bangja.
– Yes, master. – Look over there.
– Where? Where my fan is pointed, you idiot? Oh, that’s the wrestling match
we saw when we passed by. Look carefully. Can’t you see that girl
swinging in the forest? Looks like a noble maiden on a swing. Let’s go back inside. You think a noble maiden
would be out here on a swing? You were born and raised here. You’d even recognize
a passing dog in your hometown. Oh, that’s Chunhyang. She is the daughter
of Wolmae, old courtesan. She must be out with her maid Hyangdan,
celebrating Dano Day. A courtesan’s daughter…
This is good. Bangja.
Go and bring her here. – Please, I can’t…
– Bangja! Well… She won’t come anyway. Her mother’s a courtesan
but Chunhyang is haughty. She refuses to be a courtesan
and does weaving and sewing. She works to read and write poems.
She’s like a noble’s daughter. She’s a courtesan’s daughter.
Why can’t I ask to see only her face? Bring her to me now. Oh master…
Many officials, penniless rakes, and even nobles of Namwon tried
endlessly to seduce her, but they made vain efforts
and stepped back. That’s nonsense. Even the world’s precious stone
and the gold in the river of Yeosu are destined to have an owner. Just go and get her. Bangja obeys and runs to bring Chunhyang. A fast, good-looking, and charming Bangja. Yet a flippant, fluttery, and sly Bangja. Like a blue bird delivering
a letter to Seowangmo, a clever and quite cunning Bangja. His pigtail is decorated with silk. His cloth, coat, ramie cloth, and trousers
are specially made. With a stick for a pipe and the front end of his
garment tied to his back, he takes one step and takes another. Step, step, step, step away. He breaks a branch
of a large pine tree and plays around with his staff. Cross here and there. He picks up a stone and throws it at a willow tree to scare the birds away. After his childish play, he manages to arrive in front of Chunhyang on a swing. He yells as loud as he can. Here you go, Chunhyang! Gosh! You fool!
My lady almost fell off the swing! What? You had a miscarriage? An unmarried virgin had a miscarriage! No, I said she almost fell off. Chunhyang, there’s a big problem. What is it? The governor’s son came
to visit Kwanghanru. And he saw you on the swing and wants to meet you.
So follow me. How come the governor’s son
is interested to meet me? Did you say Chunhyang is this…
Chunhyang is that? Bangja, you must’ve
squealed everything about me. Chunhyang. If you’re a fair lady
then you should’ve swung in your front or backyard. Tie a rope to your tree
and make your own swing. How come in this open field
you flaunt your bare ankles and ease us with your raised dress,
pretty smile, and giddy laugh? I no wonder he fell for you. Let’s go! I may be a lowly person
but I’m not a courtesan. So as a fair lady,
I can’t just follow you because the stranger called me.
So go alone. Chunhyang, wait!
Do you want to get into trouble? The governor will torture you for being rude to his son.
Is that what you want? Well, Bangja.
How can a flower call a butterfly? Then tell him this. “The wild geese desire the sea,
the crabs desire their holes, and a butterfly desires a flower.” Go tell him. You idiot! I told you to bring her.
Did I tell you to chase her away? I didn’t do such a thing. She cursed me in words
I didn’t understand. And told me to repeat them to you. She cursed? What words? She said, “the wild geese desires flowers… ”
or was it the other way? Really? They’re not insults
but a proverb with deep meaning. Like the wild geese desire the sea,
the crabs desire the holes… The wild geese desire the sea,
the butterfly desires a flower, and the crabs desire their holes.
She wants me to come to her place. Let’s go. Right now? My father granted half a day so we’ve got to go back for now. To master the poetry in a beautiful place
is one of the scholar’s ways, but then you might fail to balance
your body and mind. Don’t forget to follow the
“six exercises of a scholar”, such as archery and horseback riding.
Don’t forget to do these things. If you get sleepy reading old classics,
read this book to stay awake. Young Lee sits at his desk
under Chunhyang’s spell. He sees the six officials and
Bangja but all look like Chunhyang. His mother, but it’s Chunhyang.
And his father, but it’s Chunhyang. Shapes of the “Gwon”…
the shape of a sphere, a cube Chunhyang’s shape, my shape,
the shape of lovers… they sleep together,
and make a baby’s shape. Master Lee, what kind of book is that? – “The Book of Changes”.
– No, it’s the “Book of Lovers”. Is there anything about my shape too? No, there’s nothing
about lowly servants. Bring me the
“Book of 1000 Characters”. Why read a beginner’s book
to study for your test? The “Book of 1000 Characters”
is the base of Korean classics because each character
has profound meaning. The wide and blue sky(燴) is created between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. when there are no distinct
four seasons yet. The ground(蕈) is created
between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. The elements of
minerals, wood, water, and fire, enable all things on earth to grow. The Big Dipper in the north is black(麵) and profound. The center of the five musical scales and four sides are yellow(黴). A house(滬) is large and wide in four directions. A house(熾) signifies the founder of a nation, the rise and fall, and flowing time. King Yu managed the flood and explains
nine rules to govern a broad(臟) nation. Children are bound
to take after their parents. You will pass the civil service exam
just like your father. Yes, dragon bears dragon
and phoenix bears phoenix. Go see how far the sun has fallen. It hasn’t set yet, master. Not yet?
Why does it move so slow today? I don’t know.
It seemed to run so fast yesterday, but today it must have
a boil in its foot. Today flows at a snail’s pace. -?The guard shouts…
– The servant should go away. Young Lee is delighted and says… Let’s go to Chunhyang’s house. Bangja leads the way. On the way to Chunhyang’s home, a wide, dusty road leads into a trail, while the moonlight seeps
through the clouds. And with the green willows
between the flowering trees, the night is so lovely. They arrive at Chunhyang’s house. On the left are green pine trees. On the right are green bamboos. Below a garden is a wavy pine tree. We’re here.
What shall we do now, master? Call her. Sir, I brought you all the way here. Why don’t you call her yourself? Just do as I said.
Call her now, you idiot. Chunhyang! Are you still sleeping?
Are you awake? My master is here
so come out this instant! – Come out this instant!
– Is this some prank? It’s me, Bangja. What are you doing here? I’ve brought the governor’s son. What? The governor’s son?
You fool! You idiot!
You should’ve told me earlier if he was coming. Oh, you’re crazy. Look at you.
You’re better off worrying about your underpants instead. Oh gosh!
What’s wrong with me? Hyangdan!
Go open the gate for them. Hurry. Master Lee, it’s an honor to
have you at our humble home. Please do come in. Lotus Pavilion… The writing is refined and graceful. Who wrote this? It’s a girl’s clumsy writing. Although a lotus blossoms from clay, it’s clean and enchanting
and its scent travels for miles. Scent more farther and purer. The farther a lotus scent travels
the fresher and purer it is. Your scent is full of the Namwon. Your scent fills my room
and intoxicates me. Instead of the lotus
you’re the best flower, Chunhyang. A painting of the famous
Minister Kang Tae-gong. Did you draw this too? You’re making me blush, Master Lee. While fishing with no bait, he waits forever to meet King Mun
and later fulfills his dream. Hide from the world and become
a hermit, it’s an ambitious life that waited for the right time. Your wish to meet a good husband
is shown in the painting. Did you come here thinking
I was an easy courtesan? You’re a talented writer
and so am I. Don’t you think it’s fate
that two talented man and woman fall for each other? Hyangdan, he’s fallen for Chunhyang so you have to serve him well. If things go well, all of
Namwon might be Chunhyang’s. And you’ll be blessed
with good fortune. Wolmae, you should thank me for bringing him here.
So put in a good word for me. Come on, Wolmae.
It’s time for me move up too. I want to brag about myself. You’re out of your mind.
Don’t steal my part of the gold. Wolmae… Wolmae? Just shut up
and pull out the chicken hairs. Master Lee, this is my mother. – It’s my honor to meet you.
– Good evening. If I knew you were coming
I would’ve greeted you formally. What brings a noble young man
to our house this evening? – Please come in and sit comfortably.
– Thank you. A few days ago
I saw Chunhyang at Kwanghanru, and I instantly adored her like
a butterfly desiring a flower. How would you feel if I take
Chunhyang’s hand as my wife? You’re the son of a noble, but Chunhyang is of a low class.
If you’re being curious and if the butterfly just came to
pick the flower and leave, our world would be miserable. So please just have a drink with us
while you’re staying. I know this is informal
but I think this is fate also. I’ll be a good husband
so give me your permission. When her father was
the governor of Namwon, he picked me as his courtesan for one
night and so she was conceived. He promised to take her to Seoul
because she was so weak. But he passed away suddenly.
So I raised her all by myself. And I did it with the utmost care. I have cherished her until today. Since you’re so insistent
I could give you my approval, but it’s not my decision. Chunhyang, what do you think? Since Master Lee is so intent does a lowly girl have a choice? But… Since the future is unforeseeable
please vow… your eternal love for me. The sun and the moon will
never change. My love for you will never change
like the sun and the moon. His name means “dream” and “dragon”. It’s amazing that my dream
is happening in reality. I had a dream of a blue dragon submerged
in a pond full of flowers. I was startled and woke up to find out
the next day was the Dano day. I sent you to swing
even though you wanted to stay in. That has brought
this wonderful turn of event. Chunhyang, my dear.
It happens to every woman. Don’t be scared and
do what he says. Also… Lay this on the floor
on your first night. He has to know you are a virgin. So don’t forget to show this to him, okay? Chunhyang, come here.
The night is late. Let’s sleep. Oh, no. Listen to me and come here. They say for a married couple ever-lasting happiness
depends on the first night. But if you grab the wife’s hand
they say it’s bad luck. The moon is bright.
Oh yes, it is bright. The moon is brighter than ever. I hate the bright moon.
The moon is bright above the pond. When I was young I was known
as “Bright Moon” of Namwon, Wolmae, Wolmae but I am bright no more
as my face grew old. As one day, two days
and several days pass, the young lovers’ shyness disappears, and they grow fondly intimate.
One day, as they hug and roll around, they enjoy the “Love Song”. Come here, ride my back and we’ll play.
Come here, ride my back and we’ll play. Love, love, love, my love.
What a love, my beloved. Oh, my love.
Then my beloved. What would you like to eat?
What would you like to eat? A poked round watermelon poured with sweet white honey? Take the seeds out and scoop a red bit. Savor the thick juice. No, I don’t want any. Then what would you like to eat?
What would you like to eat? A short, thick, and oval
cucumber, eggplant, or sweet melon? No, I don’t want any. Then what would you like to eat?
What do you like to eat? Would you like cherries or grapes? Taffies or glutinous rice jellies, my dear? Then my beloved… What would you like to eat?
What do you want to eat? Would you like to eat apricots
to have my son? No, I don’t want that either. Then my beloved. How did they find out?
Who’s the bastard that told them? When the morning cock cried, the governor suddenly came
and demanded your whereabouts. I had no choice. Since your father knows already
don’t you dare lie to him. Tell him you won’t leave anymore and you’ll concentrate on the exam.
Yes? My love, my treasure, my joy. Oh, yes… you’re my beloved. When you die, become a flower. A peach flower
that blossoms in the spring. When I die I’ll become
a tiger butterfly. On a beautiful spring day, if I dance around you, then recognize it is me. If a blossom withers down,
a butterfly will not come. The blossom should wait for
a butterfly or a bird. So I don’t want to be a flower. Then there’s another after you die. You become the Bell of Chongno, and I’ll be the hammer that hits it. In the night, I’ll hit it 28 times, In the day, I’ll hit it 33 times. When I hit you, recognize it is me. I don’t want to be a bell. Then there’s another after you die. You will become words such as the “earth”, “ground”, “shade”, “wife”, and “female”. I will also become words such as the “heaven”, “sky”, “sun”, “light”, husband, “praiseworthy”, and “male”. When the words of female and male are combined, Happy “ho”
they will become “happy”. – Hey, Hyangdan.
– Oh my gosh! You’re bad. Master Lee. Master Lee! What are you doing here? The governor is looking for you.
You have to go. What for? Everybody is saying
something good has happened. Where have you been lately?
I haven’t seen you studying. Why were you too busy
to hear the good news? What sort of news, father? I’ve been appointed
to the King’s cabinet. I’ll finish up here and go to Seoul, so you take your mother
to Seoul ahead of me. Master Lee is here. My son-in-law is home! But what brought you here
so early today? Well, I’m glad. I just sowed an autumn jacket for you. Come up and try it on. Why did you walk here without Bangja? Why do you look so worried? Did your father scold you?
Please say something. I don’t smell any alcohol. No fever. What’s wrong? My father has been promoted
to a higher position in Seoul. What great news. That’s a high rank in the government.
That’s happy occasion. But why aren’t you happy? I have to leave for Seoul tomorrow. Are you worried
I won’t follow you? A woman follows her husband
wherever he goes. There’s nothing in Namwon
if you’re away. My mother said if people discover our marriage, I’ll be disowned and forbidden
to take the state exam, and I can’t pray at family shrine. So my mother insists I don’t mention our marriage to my father. Are you saying we must separate? Only for a little while. All I can do is
come back for you later. Oh my dear husband! Is what you said a quirk, a joke, a mistake, or nonsense? Watching me kill myself… Is that what you want? When we met the first time, what did you say? We swore to the
mountains and the ocean with the sun and the moon
as our witnesses… Until the mulberry field
becomes the sea or the sea becomes the mulberry field, we will never part. Not even a year has passed, and you’re saying farewell already? There is the cloud you swore on. Speak to me.
Speak to me. You begged me to be your wife, but now you have ruined my life! It’s just a small quarrel.
Go back to your work. Master Lee is going to Seoul. What? Oh, my god! This isn’t happening!
This is going to kill us all. All of us are going to have
to kill ourselves! Go kill yourself! He might take your dead body with him. What did I always tell you? I always told you to meet someone
in your own league. I told you that would make us
both happy. You were so arrogant and different.
This is what you get. Master Lee!
Look at me and talk. Was my daughter ugly
or bad-mouthed, odd or vulgar? What is the reason for your departure
without her? You can’t do that to us. As a good nobleman,
are you going to betray us like this? If you still want to go then you have to kill us all. You’re going to have to
bury three of us first or we won’t let you go. Mother, I’m taking Chunhyang.
I have an idea. There will be a palanquin
for the spirit tablet. I’ll hide the tablet in my sleeve. And Chunhyang can hide in the palanquin. No one will suspect
that Chunhyang is in there. What the hell are you talking about? How can Chunhyang fit
into that small palanquin? Mother, how frustrated he is
to say that. Please, stop crying and
leave us me and him. Since Master Lee has to leave tomorrow
I want to talk to him and cry on his shoulder all night long. How can your heart be so benign? My dear, take this drink. On the way to Seoul,
think of my love for you when you see green trees
by a river. Our enemy is not a person.
The enemy is the class that divides us. Chunhyang, take this mirror. My love is as pure as
the mirror’s reflection. Cherish it and think of me
when you use it. Take this ring, my dear. My mind is as fixed
as the color of this ring. Keep this and look at it
as if it were me. After Namwon
there’s Osu and lmsil, and then Jeonju
which is famous for its fans. After Yeosan, which is known
for its fur and leather, there’s fine honey
and ginseng in Gongju. Then there’s Cheonan, which is famous for its carps. Then Suwon and Gwacheon
which is 32km from Seoul. Bandits in Seoul are so territorial, country people start to shiver
when they pass Gwacheon. Chunhyang… When I pass the exam, I’ll send a royal palanquin for you.
So wait until that day. A palanquin is so royal that
only the senior grade of the second rank can ride it. Do you think this day will come
before I become an old hag? When you get there,
write to me often and let me know how you are. Don’t worry. No matter how far
l am from you, I’ll keep in touch. In a legend, Seowangmo in
Yoji pond sent a blue bird thousands of miles away
to deliver her letters. I don’t have the blue bird, but there will
be someone to take my letters to you. In the meantime, a procession is about to
take off in the government compound. A palanquin is pulled by two horses,
the other by one. Horses and soldiers are busy. Nervous Bangja dashes
with Mongryong’s horse. A bell hanging on the horse
makes sounds. He arrives at Chunhyang’s home. Master Lee, there’s big trouble! Master Lee! Master Lee!
There’s big trouble! Your mother asked about you, and gave her an excuse you went out
to say farewell to friends. We must hurry. Mongryong has no choice, but to mount the horse’s back. Farewell to Chunhyang. Farewell to mother-in-law. Farewell to Hyangdan. Chunhyang is speechless. She runs to him without her shoes. – She grabs the bridle with one hand,
– Take me with you. and with the other, she grabs Mongryong’s leg. Oh my dear! Take me with you. Oh my dear,
please take me! Bangja pulls the bridle and whips the horse. It bolts like a flying tiger. Green mountains and blue rivers he passes it one by one. Like the mandarin duck that lost her lover, Chunhyang is heart-broken. As she sees her husband leaving, she sees this much of him and that much of him like a distant moon, like a distant star, and then like a butterfly… I long to go.
I long to go. I long to follow my lover, for one thousand miles, for even ten thousand miles. Where the wind rests, where the clouds rest, where all animals rest,
even a wild falcon, where they all rest at a ridge covered with snow. But I will cross it over
to follow my love. The Vega star in the heavens, even when the Milky Way blocks it, the Altair star
can always see it once a year. The place where my beloved stays, what milky way is blocking him, that makes me see him no more? I want to die and become a spring swallow, so I can fly above my beloved’s roof and build my nest under the eaves. I’ll meet him
in the middle of the night share all my innermost thoughts with him. While she sobbed every night, the formal governor moved on
to Naju city after three years. And new governor Byun Hakdo
from Seoul takes his place. The new governor is on his way. – The new governor is on his way.
– Step back. – He rides in a luxurious palanquin.
– New governor is coming. A peony blossom and a swastika are engraved
on the four open windows. The palanquin is held by
the best horseman. The coach is followed by
tall workers in a formal attire carrying the palanquin. Out of the South Gate of Seoul
he looked around the scenery. Beds of blooming flowers,
growing plants and green willows. He crossed Han River and
passed through Seungbang Field, Climbed over Namtae Ridge
and had lunch in Gwacheon Town. After Chungcheong Province
he arrived at Jeolla Province, and paid his bids to his lord.
The next day when he departed, he slept in lmsil Town
with a brave spirit. At Ohrijeong, all the Six Chief Officials
wait to greet him. They are the chief of the provincial
government office and the Chief of the Census. The Chief of tax department
who is good at fortune, the Military Chief, Astrology Chief
and the Chief of justice. They announce his arrival
as he enters with an arrogant air. Scores of soldiers and officers
stand in a row. Fifty servants bow to the governor. Sixty soldiers bow in two rows, shouting like a flock of wild geese. And thirty courtesans wearing
beautiful clothes and fur hats stand in pairs. Governor, I have an appeal! I’m distressed!
I’m still being taxed for my dead son! What a tyranny! Crazy fool. You idiot! You know
you’ve failed your duties! As chief of your convoy,
I failed to control soliciting. Please forgive me for
that sudden disruption, governor. – Chief of justice!
– Yes, governor. Flog this fool ten times! A new governor
usually decreases the penalty and do not overdo it,
even it’s a big deal. But he goes wild on his first day. He’s trying to show us he’s the boss. We’ll see about that, right? When he leaves
he’ll realize he’s just a flea. Listen to this. He demanded to see
the courtesans first before investing the six departments. That’s unheard of… Yes, I am present. Like the brightest lunar night in August…
Miss Autumn Moon! Yes, I am present. Governor, this girl has an exquisite style
when she does the drum dance. Like the sweet sounds of a paulownia harp.
Miss Sweet Harp! Yes, I am present. She’s the best harp player
in Namwon. Like her favorite moonlight on Namwon…
Miss Love Moon! She is a great poet
and also a great performer. Like a milky way in a legend of crow
and magpie bridge… Miss Blooming Light! Yes, I am present. Be it song or dance
she’s good at everything. Look here!
You’re calling them too slowly. Call them all at once. – Miss String Sound!
– Yes. – Miss Pine Fidelity! Miss Deep Cloud!
– Yes. – Miss Happy Moon! Miss Precious Orchid!
– Yes. – Miss Sweet Lotus! Miss Heartful Ballad!
– Yes. Hurry up! Hurry up! – Miss Traveling Scent!
– Yes, I am present. Miss Spring Morning! That’s all the courtesans
on the register, governor. – Look here Census Chief.
– Yes, sir. I’ve heard a pretty courtesan named
Chunhyang lives here. Her reputation reached even Seoul.
Why isn’t she here? Well, she is… sort of… Since I ordered all the courtesans
to appear how dare she is not
present herself today! I’m humble to say it about Chunhyang. She’s the daughter of a courtesan
and noble official. And I heard she’s married
to the ex-governor’s son. So then… are you saying that
he took her to Seoul? No, that is… she’s keeping her
chastity for her husband. Chastity? A courtesan’s daughter…
The nobles would die of laughter if they heard this. – Hey, Chief Penal Official!
– Yes, sir. Bring her to me now! The soldiers are on their way.
Away the soldiers go. Wearing animal fur hats
threaded with dark blue silk, The word “brave” is on their hat.
They walk fast. She’s caught! Who is caught?
Who is caught? Chunhyang is caught! Oh, yes! The bitch will pay! So proud for marrying a noble, she hissed at us, and turned away. For she’s too arrogant, this is good.
Yes, it’s so good. They follow their order and… their hats are pulled up and… they take faster strides and… they arrive in a green grove. Hey, Chunhyang! Come out. Madam, two soldiers
are looking for Chunhyang. Oh, I forgot about the
courtesan roll call… Welcome.
Please come in. It’s been a long time. The new governor
demands to see Chunhyang. Since I haven’t kept my promise
to buy you a drink, were you disappointed? It would be a lie if I wasn’t. I’m sorry I was so busy… – I am sorry I disappointed you.
– Chunhyang, come out! We’re good friends
so don’t let it get to you, okay? Please have a drink later. Stop it. – Stop it.
– Well, no. Hey Kim! We scored. Chunhyang, when the new governor headed
to Pyongyang for two years, he awarded his courtesans
a lot of money. Also, as the Governor of Unsan
he gave money to the courtesans who gave him
bed service for 3 months. So it won’t hurt
to be nice to him, okay? Hey, Chunhyang.
We’ll take care of you. Don’t worry and come with us. Look after her, okay? Chunhyang has arrived! Chunhyang is here, my lord. You’re very pretty. Yes, indeed.
I chose Namwon among many other places
to see you for myself. And I finally met you here. But… are you really married
to the old governor’s son? Yes, sir. But how can a young woman
like you be alone? You must have another man
who cares for you? Please feel free to tell me. Because I’m married
to the old governor’s son, I’m devoted to no other man
except for my husband. You’re well-intended. But he’ll
probably marry a noble girl when he passes the exam. And he’ll forget all about you. You will serve me from now on. So go clean yourself up
and wait for me. Even if I am a daughter of courtesan,
I’m not listed as a courtesan and I lived my life as a fair lady. That gives you no reason
to do as you please. By law and custom
it’s natural to serve your new governor after sending the old governor away. Stop your nonsense
and get ready for him. If my husband never returns, I’ll be chaste until I die. So please reconsider. A chaste courtesan’s daughter
is ridiculous. My mother would faint
if she heard this. Be it your mother or I,
fidelity is the same. But does class make us different? What? A governor is loyal to one king.
A wife is loyal to one husband. But would you fall on your knees
and serve two kings because fortune deserted the country? How dare you! You will die for that! Drag her outside! We’ve got her outside, my lord! If your mother is a courtesan
then you’re a courtesan by law. As a lowly courtesan
you disobeyed my orders. So you deserve to die! Did I steal country’s food? Did I disobey my mother or
cheat my fellow brethren? If not, then why are you punishing me? You must be ignorant of our laws. Then tell me what law I’ve broken. – Chief Penal Official!
– Yes, sir. Take out the law and
tell her every sin she’s committed. Yes, sir. Listen carefully. One who commits high treason
should be sentenced to death. One who disobeys the governor
should be exiled. You deserve to death. If the strict law said that, then what does that law say
about raping a married woman? She’s the wicked daughter of the devil! Make her confess her crimes in writing! Chunhyang, write as I say and
take it to the governor. As a lowly courtesan disobeyed
the governor so I deserve to die for my crime. One in soul. – Chief Executioner!
– Yes, sir. Beat her till her organs are burst! If you don’t, you’ll be the one to die! Yes, sir. Look at the way
the soldier is walking. He lifts and brings an armful clubs. He throws them to the floor… He sorts through the stack. He grabs one and tests it. He grabs another and tests it. He picks a large one with a good grip. Don’t move an inch!
Or your bones will break! Beat her hard! Chunhyang’s mind
and body is scorching with pain, she doesn’t know what to do now
but she never shows it. She turns her head around. She protests with the word “one”. I’ll say with the word “one”. One and only one! My love is only for one man! So why are you doing this to me! Just kill me! Hit her harder! Yes, sir! I’ll say with the word “two”. Don’t you know the difference
between loyalty to a husband, and a minister’s to a king? I know a woman’s duty so
how can I serve two men? This is impossible
so I can’t accept two! After the third hit… In our three lives and
in my three obligations, I’m loyal to my father,
my husband, and my son! So don’t think of me
as an easy woman. So just kill me! After the fourth hit… A noble governor like you
doesn’t know any justice? Even if you tears me into four pieces and hangs them on the four gates,
I won’t accept you! After the fifth hit… You came here by horses and cows. Keep this country’s five ethics! After the sixth hit… I have six organs, and my love is in each one of them. So it’s useless
for you to tear them apart! After the seventh hit… If you raised a seven-foot sword, and cut off my head like a horse, it’s no use! After the eighth hit… What you request is unfair
when seen from all the viewpoints. Stop abusing your authority. After the ninth hit… You’re the King’s official! Stop this immoral act! My intestine has nine curves. My love flows deep in them! After the tenth hit… Ten cries for my love! Move away! What’s the matter? My daughter’s dying!
Let me in! You bastards! Madam! My dear daughter!
Why did this happen to you? What is happening to you? Why is the new governor
beating innocent people without doing his official duty? Is being loyal to your husband
a punishable sin? If she dies, then kill me also! Please save my daughter!
Please save my daughter! Move away! Please sit down. She needs a tranquilizer. Please let me down. Bangja, let her down here. Oh, Chunhyang… Madam! Oh, my dear daughter… Bring some water! – Yippee…
– Chunhyang, wake up. – Hurrah…
– Chunhyang, wake up. Yippee, hurrah goody. She’s crazy. Is she doing this out of
some spite against Chunhyang? What is she doing? What’s wrong with her? In Jinju, a courtesan named Uiam
died for her country. In Pyongyang, a courtesan named Wolseon
killed an enemy general. People in Andong worship the Iljihong who fed husband with her flesh
to save him. In Cheongju, they honored
the courtesan named Hwawol for saving the king at three-tall tower. And now in Namwon a new courtesan Chunhyang will be next to honor… Yippee, hurrah, hurrah, whoopee,
yippee, hurrah. I have heard of prison before but this is more than I heard. Instead of silk padding
sleep on rocks. Instead of blanket and pillow
use straw. Heaven and earth created human
and human created words. Why invent the words,
love(暮) and seperation(異)? I will hold the everlasting grudge
for teaching me that word. Meanwhile in Seoul, Master Lee studies hard
and went through books. He reads night and day
countless pages of Korean classics. His knowledge broadens
and he becomes a skillful writer. The state exam takes place
while the country stood silent. The Royal Teacher comes forth
with a scroll in his hand. His assistant takes the scroll
and hangs the question. The light color of spring
hasn’t changed on pond. The question hangs tall. Mongryong reads the board
and thinks for a moment. He grinds the stick into the ink stone
and dips his brush. His brush strokes are
equal to famous calligraphers. He’s the first to complete
and hand in his answer. The Royal Instructor looks at it
and compliments him. Your words are perfect
and have spirits in them. Each character is
as genuine as a jewel. They post the top score. Lee Mongryong, the top of the exam! Lee Mongryong, the top of the exam! The crowd is amazed
by the announcement. Handsome Lee walks proudly
towards the court terrace. After he wears his formal gown, he receives a token
and is escorted to the King. He kneels before the King, and graciously accepts
his three cups of wine. He bows to the King,
and walks down the steps, wearing a flower cap, blue gown, and black belt, with a jade emblem
and red scroll in his hands. He holds various positions
in the government. One day, the king holds a meeting to send an emissary to Jeolla Province. The king gives an envelope to him. It’s a secret order. He wears a silky uniform, carries a ruler,
a yardstick, and a horse tag. He bids his family farewell
and leaves for Jeolla Province. He leaves the South Gate of Seoul
and passes through Aeogae and crosses Dongjak River
and several streams. Then he passes many small villages like
Mireukdangi, Golsageunae, the upper and lower stream, many
marketplaces like Ddeokjeon and Omok and many towns like Sosa,
Gwangjeon, and river of Gongju. He passes a wide road, Neoltae,
Munaemi, Noeseong, Whanghwa. Go over the Jiami uphill quickly. He finally arrives at Yeosan town. – First Deputy.
– Yes, sir. Go to the west provinces. Start in Yeosan and lksan.
Then Gimje. And pass through Jeongeup
and Gochang. We’ll meet at Kwanghanru
on the 15th of next month. Yes, sir. – Second Deputy.
– Yes, sir. Go to the east and check Gosan, Keumsan,
Muju, Yongdam, Jinan, Jangsu, and Unbong. – Meet on the same place.
– Yes, sir. Heave-ho! Heave-ho! – Hey, you dear farmers.
– Yes. Listen to what I say.
Listen to what I say. Drop by drop
our sweat turns into fruit. Chop by chop
our grain turns into gold. Heave-ho! Heave-ho! Come here. Eat with us. No, thank you I’m just a vagabond. I’d like to ask a favor to
a friend in Namwon. So how is this town now? The town is full of demons. What do you mean? The governor is a drunken devil and his confidant is an old zombie, the chiefs are gambling trolls
and we’re all displeased and become grumbling ghosts. This town seems to be cursed. Do you think that’s all? For the governor’s birthday
each family has to give three sacks of rice and eggs
for almost nothing. He’s squeezing and
robbing the people. I’ve heard the governor is lustful, he adores a courtesan named
Chunhyang and enjoys her every night.
Is this true? – What? You bastard!
– What a bastard! She leads a chaste life with
Governor’s such hard whips. How dare you insult her! Look, it’s just what I’ve heard! Why are you angry? What a bastard! Who the hell told you that? I’ll rip his eyes out if he saw it. And I’ll tear his ears off if he heard it. – Catch him!
– Get him! How much farther?
How far to Seoul? Where do I sleep today? Where do I sleep tomorrow? My fate is unlucky, so I have to go. But Chunhyang’s fate is worse. How much farther, how far? Hey, come here. You, come here. Did you call me? I’m a busy person, you know.
What’s wrong? – Because I’m from Seoul.
– From Seoul? Who are you visiting at
such a far place? I’m delivering Chunhyang’s letter to Lee Mongryong, son of
the former governor in Seoul. – Let me see the letter.
– Are you serious? Reading a man’s letter is forbidden
but you ask to see a woman’s letter in public? You don’t recognize me? Look carefully. I can’t believe this!
Oh, Master Lee! It’s a blessing to see you. Are you and the family well
after the governor left? Aren’t you tired of travelling this far? What brought you here in Namwon? Bangja, give me the letter. After you left, time flies. Three years have passed
since you’ve left and I’ve yet to hear from you. Are you too intoxicated by
Seoul’s beautiful spring petals? Or is your mind taken away
by pretty brothel women? Or are you going to marry
some noble lady in Seoul? I’m living with these worries
day and night. After the new governor arrived,
he asked me to court him but I defied him
and he beat me severely. Maybe I have too long life. But I will die soon
at the governor’s birthday feast. I am told that he would beat me
on the death chair. Vicious bastard!
When I get hold of him…! Why do I feel such a fierce wind? Could it be a fierce wind
to save poor Chunhyang? My master can’t really
be a beggar, so could he be… – an… an emissary?
– Bangja! Don’t be foolish! Well, it’s good we met. I want you to deliver a letter
to my home in Seoul. Standing on the hill looking left and right, the mountains are the same and the water is the same. Kwanghanru is well
and Ojak Bridge is well, too. Poetry used to be chanted
on the high rails of Kwanghanru. How long has it been
since the heartbreak? When the sun is about to set, he arrives in front of Chunhyang’s home. In the back of the garden
is a silent cry. He’s drawn to the sound to take a closer look. He sees Chunhyang’s mother at a small altar in the backyard. To the Great Dipper, with lit candles and a bowl of clean water set in front of her, she prays… I pray…
I pray… to the gods of heaven and earth, and the gods of the sun,
moon, and stars… Please come and help me. Please make my son-in-law
who went to Seoul a royal emissary
or a lord of Jeolla Province. Either one will be fine. Please let him
save my daughter’s life. I thought I passed the test…
because of me. But I owe it mostly to mother-in-law
and Chunhyang’s prayers. Is anyone home? Come out! Come out! May I help you? Go and tell your madam to come out. Who is it? Someone is asking for you madam. He looks like a beggar asking for food. What? Are you deaf?
Haven’t you heard? My daughter is in jail and about to die, and you ask us for food?
We have none! Get out of here! I’ve arrived! It’s Lee Mongryong from Samcheong, Seoul! How can this be?
Is this true, or is it a joke? – Hyangdan. Bring the lantern.
– Yes. ls my son-in-law really here? What took you so long?
Let me see my son-in-law. Let me see my son-in-law! This can’t be… Look at the son of
the ex-governor. Look at the way he’s dressed! Chunhyang’s dead… She’s dead for certain. I prayed day and night
you’d return as a high official, but you came back
as this country’s filthiest beggar! A crisis struck our family
so my father was laid off. And I couldn’t take the exam. Our wealth is all gone, and
I’ve been begging since then. I came back to Namwon
to remember old times. I am very hungry.
Give me some food. There’s no food for you. Please, madam. Chunhyang will kill herself if she hears that Master Lee was treated like this. Be nice to him. That was delicious! Must be your job to stuff your face. Your appetite reflects your living. I was so hungry
before I could barely think. But since I’m full now,
Chunhyang comes to mind. – Take me to Chunhyang.
– Chunhyang’s dead! Let’s go. She’s dying because of me.
How can I leave without seeing her? – Let’s go.
– You can’t go now. The new governor is so strict
and stubborn even a man can bring food
to her. Even a male dog can’t go there. As soon as they find you there,
you’ll be killed. When the last bell strikes
you can see her then. Oh, my poor baby… The first bell, the second, the third, fourth, and fifth bell strike. The time has come. Hyangdan leads the way. And the beggar son-in-law follows them to Chunhyang’s decrepit cell. The night is dark and gloomy, no person in sight, the echoes of a warbling bird… running water… wailing ghosts… the wind blows… like trembling ground. Heavy rain is falling… Ghosts in twos and threes come together and cry… Guard! Guard! Damn guards are busy gambling again. – Prison keeper.
– Who is it? It’s you again. We can’t let anyone in until
the governor’s birthday tomorrow. The command is very strict.
Go back. Don’t be stubborn.
Take this, okay? Hey, Dukbae!
Hey, Dukbae! Open the gate, idiot! It’s some food for my baby.
Give her this. – Anything else inside?
– Oh, come on… Go in. My dear… Chunhyang… Wake up. It’s your mother. Mother, what are you doing here this late? – He’s here!
– Who are you talking about? The one you’ve waited day and night for.
Be it your husband or a beggar, he’s here anyway. See for yourself. Is this true? Hyangdan, raise the lantern. Yes! Chunhyang, it’s me.
What happened to you? Oh, my dear husband.
What took you so long? What happened to
your handsome face? She’s dying but she still goes crazy
about her husband? You are going to die tomorrow. Chunhyang! My dear. Tomorrow at the new governor’s
birthday feast, I’ll be executed. Don’t let anyone touch my body
besides you. Take me to Seoul and bury me
in your ancestors’ graveyard. After holding ancestral rites on
Hansik day, Dano day, and thanksgiving… Then prepare a simple altar for me
and say… Chunhyang, cherish the drink
I pour for you. If you do this, I can rest in peace. The Emissary Lee is disheartened. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. My love Chunhyang, don’t cry. When the day is bright tomorrow, either the death carriage
or the fortune carriage, no one knows what you’ll ride. There is a way out of every situation. Even if the sky falls, we shall catch. If I said don’t cry,
then please don’t cry. Let’s go, mother-in-law. Where are you heading to now? – Let’s go to your house.
– I don’t have a house. – Whose house was it back there?
– It belongs to a widow. That’s even better! Better? I’ll kill you. Let’s go. On the next day, the day is bright and the birthday feast takes place
in Kwanghanru Pavilion. It’s a spectacular sight. The red pavilion stands tall
in the blue skies. Surrounded by large shades
like the clouds. Covered by silk curtains
on all four sides. Red and blue candle lanterns are hung on the open road. Crowded with courtesans, musicians,
performers, and passersby. Town magistrates of
other counties arrive. Here comes the general magistrate from
Unbong, the magistrate from Suncheon, the old magistrate from Gokseong,
the handsome magistrate from Sunchang, the magistrate from Damyang with a courtesan,
the luxurious magistrate from Oggwa, the magistrate from Nampyeong with a fan,
the care-free magistrate from Gwangju. When all the lords enter,
another palanquin arrives. Firecrackers crackling. Sun umbrellas bumping. Palanquin bearers’ shoulders colliding. Servants searching for their masters. It’s out of control. Take this, take this. Take this drink and live one thousand, ten thousand years. Thank you for sparing your busy time
to come today. Chunshim, that bitch can still twirl well even with twins in her belly. What happened to the officials of Geumsan
were caught for embezzlement. It was well taken care of.
Forget it. Have a drink. Look here, Suncheon. Seems like this feast
will go on all night. Are you staying till the end? Of course. After the feast, Chunhyang will be
flogged to death. I won’t miss it for anything. Our one of henchmen can kill a person with one blow.
He is that good. I’m sure there’s someone here
like that, too. Why do you think there’s
so many people outside? There’s so many people! Looks like all the beggars around
Imsil, Osu, Unbong, and Namwon. Two cows, fifteen pigs
and all the chickens in Namwon. Is there anything to left? Exactly. Hey, since you from Imsil
were the only one late you have to dance in front of us. I thought you only knew politics. You are also a good dancer, huh? He’s not only good in dancing
but also excellent in bed. Halt! Watch where you’re going to.
You can’t go in! Step aside. I said you can’t enter!
What are you doing? Get out of my way!
I’m a nobleman too! No, step down! Move away, you fool! – Can’t you recognize a noble?
– What did you say? – Step down!
– Let go of me! You’re tearing a poor noble’s clothes! You must have an invitation
to enter here! Let go of me! What’s all this noise? A noble who looks like a beggar
insists we let him in. – Governor Byun.
– Yes. Although they’re outworn
he wears the clothes of a noble. Just seat him in the corner
and send him away after a drink. If you desire, Lord of Unbong. Let him in. You may enter. Take your shoes off first! – Take this drink.
– Yes. Look here. Look at your table and mine
and it makes me angry. Since you’re late, it seems
your table was hastily made. You may take anything
you’d like from mine. Here, have a drink. – Lord of Unbong.
– Take this. Yes. There will be a big meeting in
Gokseong this winter. Please come. Of course. Look here. You say you’re
the Lord of Unbong town. Yes, I am. Then call a courtesan
to sing for me also. Hey, sing for this guest. Same as I take a horse racing
when I ride a horse. If you drink this wine, you will beg for ten million years. Drink this wine and live forever. Since I cannot beg for
thousands of years alone, why don’t we all have a drink
and divide these years? What a rude remark. For your hospitality,
I’d like to improvise a poem in honor of the new governor. Governor.
Since this boy has no manners, his writing will be poor. Just send him away
after he writes it. Hey, wayfarer!
I’ll give you a rhyming word. If you can’t write a poem with it,
you will be clubbed 5 times. Good.
Then give it to me. Oil Go and “high” Go. Sure, he must know?these two ‘go’
go in the second and last line. It’s not very good
so please correct it if it’s wrong. Apologize for my disturbance. How tasteless… This wine in golden vases is
the blood of a thousand people. The food on these jade tables is
the flesh of ten thousand lives. When the candle wax drops
tears of starving peasants fall. And the people’s complaints get
louder to pair this noisy feast. This poem is laced with poison! This is foolish. Something has come up.
I must be going. – I have to leave also.
– Why are you leaving? My wife is very ill today.
I have to care for her quickly. I have some urgent matters too.
I have to go. Why are you killing joy? He’s only very young. Why are all of you making a fuss
over some crazy man’s poem? Please sit down. Sit. Look at the emissary, Lee Mongryong. If he lets this happen, he catches nothing and
everyone might run away all. He runs out to the terrace
and flicks open his fan. Hidden in the crowd, the envoy sees the signal
and storms out of the crowd. They brandish their clubs, raise the royal medallion like the sun, raise the royal medallion like the moon, thrust into the gates and shout… The gates were clamorous. In the King’s name
you’re all under arrest! You’re all under arrest! In the King’s name
you’re all under arrest! As if the heaven collapses and the earth trembles,
hundreds of spectators scatter like gushing streams. Was Xiang Yu’s yelling
as fearful as this? Was Zhang Fei’s raging sound
as fearful as this? Who can bear this whirling wind? When the governor’s guests
are panicking all over, looking at their servants’
ridiculous movements. Food is stomped on
and the pottery bowls are broken. Drums are split into two
and rolling off the pavilion and making their own sounds. Harp strings are cut off
and a flute is crushed. Courtesans pin chopsticks in their hair. Musicians lose their horns
and blow from their hands. Soldiers lose their guns
and shoot from their mouths. Some bump their heads
and bleed from their nose. Some fall on their face and cry, passersby also run and shout… Oh, no! Our town is in trouble! Namwon has the richest rice supply
in South and is the basis of country. But you stole from the people and
made them impoverished. You’re supposed to keep a close
watch on the governor and govern the people
without personal interest. But you fattened your pockets
while lying to him. You ignored the sick and
desperate peasants living in misery. Didn’t you care about people? Divide what they stole from the poor
and give it back to them. Release all the innocent people in jail. I heard a courtesan’s daughter
disobeyed the governor! Bring that Chunhyang to me! Chunhyang, we’re here! All of Namwon’s widows will stand
by your side! So don’t worry! – Untie her!
– Yes, sir! Chunhyang, hear me out! As a courtesan’s daughter, how dare
you insult and disobey the governor! How dare you expect to live? Serving two husbands is
the same as serving two kings. So what injustice have I done? I know you refused the governor but will you refuse me also? I thought the king
sent the royal emissary to take care of the people’s pain, but you’re just like the old governor
and other officials! Stop humiliating me
and just kill me! Give this to Chunhyang
and tell her to look up at me. He said to take this
and look at him. Oh, my. Don’t just stand there!
Bring her to the main chamber! Move away! Chunhyang! Chunhyang, wake up.
Chunhyang! Chunhyang! Chunhyang… Why did you do this?
Why did you do this? If you had told me yesterday
I would’ve slept peacefully. I stayed up all night
worrying about dying! Chunhyang. Don’t cry. The King forbids me
to give away my secret. – Hey…
– Don’t cry. Are the gates still closed off to me? This belly bore Chunhyang! I’m the mother-in-law
of the emissary! Yippee, hurrah
Yippee, hurrah. People in Namwon, I have something to tell you. Don’t try to bear a son. Bear a daughter like Chunhyang. Raise her with tender and utmost care. When a man from Seoul comes, take him in as your son-in-law! Yippee, hurrah, hurrah. Oh… she’s my daughter! Oh… he’s my son-in-law! When you came last night, I already knew everything. I was afraid that I might reveal an important secret. I was harsh on you. Don’t be angry with me. Don’t look down on the Governor Byun. Without him, how could my daughter be a loyal wife? You’ll be sent to Jeolla province prison.
If you have any objections, then do it there. Adoring a pretty woman is natural. But don’t you think what you
did to Chunhyang was too harsh? Class is devided into four
and has a definite order. A daughter follows the fate of courtesan
mother and servants are the same as well. She didn’t disobey just me, but she also disgraced the law,
and committed treason. Don’t you think that’s her will against your inordinate oppression
to be a human being? Later… Mongryong, the secret emissary goes from town to town, and finishes his investigation. He returns to Seoul, and he turns in his report
to the King. The King compliments him. You eased my worry about this country. You are a royal subject. Another official tells the King about loyal Chunhyang of Namwon and the King bestows on her
an honorable award for loyalty. As for the people of Namwon,
the King lifts the taxes. They all live in peace, but who knows
what will happen after this story?


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