Заброшенный подземный бункер пограничных войск ФСБ РФ. Часть 1

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Заброшенный подземный бункер пограничных войск ФСБ РФ. Часть 1

One would think, once in this area, that there is a bunker underground? Here are the remains of the burned house where the officers lived. And under this hill is a bunker and a communications hub. The bunker is quite large It has a communication room, recreation room, shower room and other facilities. And there’s an underground tunnel under this hillock I haven’t examined him yet If I succeed, I will return with the equipment and inspect this hole. I start down into the bunker I dressed to protect myself from asbestos dust Everyone, are starting climb down The corridor goes far … It is strange that very clean … It feels like the bunker is being cleaned Empty box without equipment There’s condensation all over the walls on duty room There was a soldier on duty Office room No. 1 Burned from the inside of the box, it may have burned documents. Wiring hanging from the ceiling The walls glisten with condensation I continue Office room No. 2 This room is the same as the previous one No things are not preserved Glass glasses lying around Communication center What’s left? I see the remains of the switching racks Cable-channel There was some equipment in that rack And in this room with this equipment worked It was either a table or a chair radio center It’s made of plywood There’s a lot of broken glass on the floor It’s very cold here Good thing I’m wearing a jacket Although it’s hot outside Telegraph Office room No. 3 A typical room such as I have seen. Window Secret telegrams were transmitted through it The telegram was then digitized and sent to headquarters There are a few computer boards left And these are Telegraph tapes Once upon a time such tapes received telegrams Empty room It’s a vent pipe There are no inscriptions on the door What’s here? I want to say that the object is well preserved. Glass wool It’s not iron This room has something to do with the ventilation of the entire facility Start and Stop There are more rooms Stairs… it is unclear for what These openings lead to the surface. Channels leading to other object nodes relaxation room The most important room 🙂 There’s nothing left here either Soldiers rest here There’s a lot of detail piled up here There was a poster These are broken bathrooms There was a diesel generator Attached to the floor Preserved wooden Cabinet Electrolyte The container with the electrolyte Fuel tank, volume 1300 liters. This room was responsible for the Autonomous power supply of the entire facility. Last room It was probably a shower room There are broken toilets There must have been showers That’s possible That is all Bunker checked It is necessary to rise in the heat Let’s look at this hill The stairs are down It was cut It’s dangerous to go down alone There’s water down there, the hill is flooded Some kind of switch I wonder how deep the water is I measure In boots you can go down Here is such an interesting object I wonder what’s inside. I will shoot about it in the future. Around a beautiful coniferous forest If you like the video-put likes and share the video with friends. Good luck


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